Not Human

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Not Human. Collaborated with [Melanin Dove Antonio]

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018




Title : Not Human

Poet: Danton Trippy and MELANIN DOVE ANTONIO

[Danton Trippy]

Why do we discriminate?

We both equal but our skin is different.

We live in a world full of judgement

who are we to judge someone who we dont know of / understand?

What happened to the love we showed to each other?

White poeple see us as monkeys while they laugh straight at our face.

While our people suffer from poverty

And still treated as if they were in bondage.

Not Human


I have features of a human

The legs , arms , hands, ears , eyes, lips

I'm certain I have the features of a human

I lack a perfect smile because of my gap

I lack a perfect skin tone because of my black one

I lack a perfect height because I'm short

I lack a right to speak because I stutter.

I lack to be called a woman because my virginity

Was stolen from me

I lack to be called a Mother because I can't carry a human in my womb.

Because of what I lack I'm regarded and treated like Not Human

Yet I look like they do I breathe the same air as they do, that will not change the fact that I will remain Not Human in their eyes.

© Copyright 2019 Danton Trippy. All rights reserved.

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