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my 1st poem please enjoy

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



Why is life so hard, I don't understand. How hard can it be .., To live life like a human being.

Why does everyone point out the faults in you , And not see the good in you .

Why do I have to give a damn, When I know it's not my fault for who I am .

Why does the inner me scream at me "Look at yourself you human being" "Look at all the faults and errors in you" Do something will you!

Why can't I live a happy life Without someone breathing down my neck

Why do I have to look so pretty Just so people could call me a beauty . Why does it matter what a outsider says When the insider is only cursing at your face .

Why do people have to bother you When you yourself don't want to get bothered . Why do they have to comment on you and point at you . When you yourself want to forget who you really are.

Why does everything everyone say bother me so much .. Am i a person who just can't give a damn about others and move on ..

Why does it hurt so much .. Just why tell me why All I want to do is cry And cry till I die .

Why does it bother me too much .. Just why Why is my subconscious mind scream out in pain . When my conscious mind is in vain .

I just want to scream and scream at the world , Shut up! You don't know me, so don't talk like you owe me .

Who are you to tell me what to do . Who do you think you are .

Why do I have to change for you, What in the world did I do , To get criticized for the way I look .

So what if I am fat Not that it's a fact . Things will change as time goes . So will I .

Don't reject me just cuz I am not skinny , Not that I am a ginnie. I can't change my self to just be beside you, Walk off if I am not like you .

All I'm asking is for someone to say ... "I love the way you are ".

Why is life so hard.. Someone please tell me

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