Flooded drought

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Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



I love when the sky cries crystalline droplets. Hiding the stream that pours from my eyes. Erasing the thoughts of yesterday. Washing away the dirt that covered the earth. Hydrating my skin with its tears. Diminishing worries that consumed my mind. There's something about the puddles my feet dance in.

The cold droplets that bead from my face. Saturating my hair in its purity. My body aches from the unbearable pain that fills my mind by loud voices that scream defeat. Cold rain meets my warm tears and steam off my cheeks as they mingle. My screams are drowned out by the dripping sky and muffled by the roaring thunder.

It's become so dark from the thieves that stole the sun. No shelter with reasons carved into the walls. No roof to stop the pruning of my fingers. No fear of the flood infecting my lungs. The lump in my throat disappears with the forceful stream that pushes it down and allows me to breathe.

The heavy drops that roll off my skin distract me from the poison that eats away at my insides. The crashing waterfall deafens me as it meets the concrete. I can escape out here. To run away from your shadow is impossible with light.

I use to love the sun until it watched my pain strangle me without turning away, allowing me to hide. The whimpering sky drowned my shadow. Washed away the salted stream that chapped my cheeks. Muted my sorrow with its echoes as it clapped with the tree's leaves. Healing my wounds created by my abusive sidekick.

I tried to face the beating sun as it burned my skin. I gazed at it to admire its beauty only to be blinded. I envy the tall trees that meet the rain before the ground. The branches that can touch the clouds never get buried by the dirt that surrounds me. Shadows aren't made in the sky, only here on the ground behind me.

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