Where are you?

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Hope is good; probably the best of things: no good thing ever dies (copied).

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



I have been calling out your name,

Is your absence nature’s designed game?

Of conspiring against our cordial existence sprinkled with undying love:

Mother Nature should feel a sense of shame!


You departed last spring,

With a promise that in an instant, a bell you would ring;

I cannot help crying out of desperation;

And to never miss any train which halts at heaven’s station!


I speak in silent whispers to the panting breeze;

But my words and gestures rebound against the ever-mute trees;

I try to adapt to this crippling silence,

I have become solivagant in the forest of love so dense;

I have been struggling to bring down every fence,

That has separated two souls;

Despite these frightful obstacles, I have not taken my eyes off my goal:

With a hope that the permanence of your departure shall not; upon our togetherness, take a toll!


I gaze at the sun,

Hoping that the rays would illuminate me,

I reckon on your occasional shadows to set me free;

And my world lights up with impish glee!


I send out echoes to the skies;

With an imperative thought which you might recognize,

That holding on to this false hope of your return is no lies;

Of little people; such hopes are not a vice.

Such hopes sprinkle droplets of life,

And I promise to never withdraw and in the depths of time to dive!


When all else fails, I refute logic and resort to theism,

They say that logic and theism possess rivalry;

While theism infuses within me a sense of jagged optimism,

Logic holds me back from fighting against the cream of your death’s chivalry!


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