When the Tables Turned

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A couple years ago a lot of people were writing short stories on Facebook for the short story challenge. I took that as an opportunity to write a story. I wrote this in about an hour or less. Not a
true story lol

Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



“I can’t believe it’s finally time, today is the day!”  My best friend and maid of honor Azalia stood in the mirror pleased with herself.  Today was MY big day but the way she was acting, you’d think it was hers.  I even let her wear an off-whitish colored dress so she could stand out from the bridesmaids.  I was just so happy to have a friend like her.  I always did anything I could for her because if she knew about my secret I know she’d never talk to me again.
About 2 years ago we all shared an apartment: my boyfriend Keenan, me, Azalia, and her boyfriend Javion.  The guys both had great paying jobs so neither Azalia nor I had to work.  One of us would cook while the other cleaned and the guys would take care of all the bills and put money in our pockets.  It was the perfect setup if you ask me.  But like always, all good things come to an end.

One night Keenan had to work overtime and Azalia was out of town visiting her grandmother in the hospital.  Javion stayed behind because his boss wouldn’t let him off.  The night started off fine.  I was in my room on my laptop when I decided I wanted a drink. I walked downstairs to the refrigerator only to find someone had drunk up my wine.  “Somebody owe me,” I muttered to myself.  I opened the freezer and grabbed the bottle of Henny.  There was only enough left for a few shots. “Alcoholics,” I muttered again.  I downed the few shots figuring I’d hardly feel it.  Boy was I wrong.  I’d forgotten I’d skipped dinner.  20 minutes later I was feeling a bit tipsy.

I heard a knock on my door and got up to answer it.  I knew it was Javion since he was the only other person here.  But what does he want, I wondered.  When I opened the door, I had the shock of my life.  Yes, it was Javion but he was standing in front of me with nothing on whatsoever!  “Javion! What is wrong with you? Are you crazy?!” I yelled. He didn’t say a word, just walked to my bed and laid on it like he owned it.  Of course, I was shocked and in disbelief but something about his boldness turned me on, or maybe it was just the Henny.  Either way, I’m sure y’all can guess what happened next.  And the sad part about it is I loved it and this continued for a whole year.  Anytime we were home alone we spent time in the bedroom.  Sometimes we'd even sneak off and get a quickie in.  Eventually though, my conscious got to me and I had to end this.  So Keenan and I moved into our own place and things went back to normal, so I thought.
Now, a year later I’m walking down the aisle about to marry the love of my life.  Yea I messed up in the past and so did he, but I loved him so much.  I was so happy he was finally about to put a ring on it!  When I finally made it up to the altar and the minister got done with his beginning comments, it was time for the vows.
“The bride and groom have chosen to write their own vows,” said the minister.  What is going on? I thought to myself.  I thought we were saying the traditional vows and didn’t have anything prepared to say.  Before I could say anything, Keenan took the mic.
“I would first like to thank you all for coming today.  I know you all are expecting to see Raylene and I get married but…”  He turned and looked me dead in my eyes.  “Raylene is a cheater!”  I heard the crowd gasp as I stood there in utter disbelief.  How did he know?  “You didn’t think we knew did you?” he laughed.  “You didn’t think we knew y’all was sleeping around behind our backs?”  This time he turned to Javion.  “How could you stand here and be my best man knowing what you did?  We are supposed to be brothers for life.  But you know what? I got a surprise for both of you.  Come here, baby.”

When Azalia walked up to him, I thought I was going to faint.  Baby?  Why did he just call her baby? What is going on? I thought to myself.

“That’s right,” he said.  “When we found out what y’all were doing we’d comfort each other.  Then one thing led to another and over time we fell in love.  Yes, we’re in love and all the time and effort you put into planning this wedding was for Azalia and I all along.  So if you don’t mind could you stand over there,” he said as he pointed to the spot where Azalia was standing before.  “Or you could just leave, your choice,” he added.

I couldn’t even say nothing.  I knew what I had done was wrong but I hoped nobody would find out.  I’d even made a vow to myself that I’d never cheat again a day in my life.  Too late.  I was too embarrassed to even walk past the audience.  That was a walk of shame I didn’t want to take.  So reluctantly I walked to the line with the bridesmaids and watched as the love of my life married my best friend.  Oh, how the tables turned.

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