The Dinner Guest

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Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



The Dinner Guest


- But I love you Kay!

- Yes I know you love me Alan. I love you too Alan,

but not your body. I love your mind. Alan I love

your brains.

- But Kay I want you, I love you!

- Yes I know Alan, I love your brains Alan, that's why

I invited you over for dinner. I know you love me, 

that's why I invited you into my bedroom, and

handcuffed you to the bed. I love your brains Alan!

  And do you see this, of course you do! It's an

enormous syringe I inherited from my brother when

he died. He was a junkie, he used to use it to shoot-up

his Methodone tablets. He used to go to the hospital

to drink is his Methadone mixture, but when they 

gave it to him, he used to push the tablets with his

tongue into the hollow space of his cheeks, and only

drink the orange juice. He'd crush the tablets up later

 and with a large amount of water he'd shoot them up

 with this huge syringe. Needless to say his 

kidneys gave out from all the chalk in the tablets and

that was the end of him.

  But Alan I'm not a junkie, I'm not addicted to drugs,

No, I'm a addicted to brains! I hoped you enjoyed

that little cerebral treat I gave you for dinner!

Now Alan as you can see I've taken off my clothes

so you can feast your eyes upon my beautiful

body before I extract your brains. I like to give

a dying man his last wish!

  Now Alan I just popped one of your eyes out,

you didn't even scream, you must have been too

busy gazing at my erotic breasts, and now

I'll just push the needle into the vacant eyesocket

to suck up some of your brains...

  But Alan it won't work, there's nothing in there!

You haven't got a brain Alan!

- Of course not Kay, I'm an Alien from a carnivorous

planet. I've come to earth to love your body. I'm 

going to eat your body Kay! I'm going to eat you

all up!

  You can't hold me with handcuffs, see Kay I'm 

out off them, see I'm a shapeshifter! I'm purple 

slime with crocodile teeth. Come here Kay I'm

ravenous! I'm going to swallow you whole!

I'm going to swallow every last morsal!





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