Hydrate your Soul

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Submitted: August 22, 2018

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Submitted: August 22, 2018



Last night I got an Itch It started in my bones Then it crept up through my skin

It was impossible to satisfy I tossed and turned in bed Ripped the covers from my sweaty limbs And through the door I fled

I walked out on to the street It was cold and dark and wet The itch left the surface of my skin And crawled inside my head

An apparation in a night gown Puddles splashed beneath my feet I ran across the pavement Raging, desperate for relief

The itch it kept growing The craving never slowing I wandered the streets Not knowing where I was going

Only struggling to find peace Praying for calm or ease To cease this itch Which relentlessly Was keeping me from sleep

Jealousy encompassed me Imagining all those dreaming sweet I must break free from the itch's Deathly grip that that wont release

It was pulling me

Off the path Heading straight towards the trees It was too dark to see I was terrified beyond belief

I stumbled through the forest Past the brush To find A beach

The itching Had undoubtedly reached its peak I ran straight for the sea And I dove into the deep

Only then Did the itching begin to fade away I lay at the bottom of the ocean hoping I would never dry out again

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