The Fucked up Dream

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This Article is something I just dreamt about. Just a short article for fun.

Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



Some days back I had a Fucked up Dream. Ha ha hah haahahahahaha. It's gonna be awesome.


We meaning(Me, harsh and chetan), were there in the dream. Out on road trip, don't remember the occasion, still we were all boozed up and high as fuck on hash and weed. Drinking like shit too driving like dogs. Partied till midnight. Then stopped at a brothel asked for Choot. The place was old as medieval. All wooden doors, as we entered there were only curtains, various curtains and short cabins. Chetan asked for Choot and I was like, I don't wanna go for it. The pimp replied, "Choot isn't available, only gaand." Chetan agreed, as I turned harsh too was gone somewhere. I was standing behind the curtain where Chetan was fucking. After he finished he requested the pimp to let him see the girl who had him. As in the cabins too there were only glory holes we couldn't  see the faces or anything, just put your dick in the hole and keep fucking it. She said okay, she showed us the way for entry for her room. The moment Chetan entered the room he froze with guilt, agony, shame and fear. Same happened when I entered.


"WE SAW HARSH COMPLETELY NAKED AND TIED LIKE A SEX SLAVE WITH A TOMATO IN HIS MOUTH. HE WAS KNEELED DOWN AND TIED TO A BENCH." Chetan then realized that it was harsh whom he was fucking the whole time. I was so high that I started laughing out of my wits. Harsh with his little puppy eyes and lots of tears in it. Chetan was also the same as he was feeling ashamed of fucking harsh this unknowingly.



Hope all of you guys enjoyed reading this. In case, any of you knew all three of us then you can also come up with a powerful ending or something of that sort. HA HA HA HAHA.  And If Chetan and Harsh are reading you guys for this wonderful and amazing dream....See you soon....

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