Animals and Humans

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This is about what animals thinks of humans. What also Humans think about animals.

Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



 What do animals thinks of humans? They probrobly think that we are a disturbance or we are provocing. So thats why they attack. They also probrobly thinks we are food, but the moment they kill us and taste us, they don't like the taste. But alot of animals don't want to kill us. All they want to do is be themself. They just want to live there life and reproduce. And predators need to eat some animals so they can survive. 

 Animals can be kind and gentle creatures. Animals like: Pigs,Cows,Elephants,Some Monkeys,Calapiter,Yak,Most turles and many many many more animals are kind and gentle. 

 Yes there are alot of animal predators out there but they need to hunt for food. Tigers can be gentle when they already ate and if you stay out of they're territory.

 So what do humans think of animals? Money making creatures. Humans use animal fur for clothes, causing animals to die in the cold winter due to them not having any warmth. Humans also think of animals as killers. But thats far from the truth. Humans just provoked animals so they get scared and end up killing you. Its not the animals fault. Its the humans. Humans have problems blaming things on something else and thats not a good habit to get into. Humans also are prediators so they have to kill animals to for food so thats not bad. But when you kill animals for they're fur or tail or horns than your just down right horrible. Humans should be taking care of animals not destroying almost all of them. Animals go extinct almost everyday due to humans foolish acts and wants.

 So what can we do to prevent anymore harm?

 1. We could only kill some animals for food. Or just eat plants.

 2. No more hunting for profit.

 3. Helping the animals poupulation grow!

 4. Keeping the animals safe from poachers an profit wanting people.

 So what about cloning animals to have a bigger poupulation? I do agree on cloning. We should clone the extinct animals so we can bring them back to earth. 

 Now humans can make they're first step up to saving animals!

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