A narrow path

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"Join the flow if you wish to fit in. Come, be accepted and share our DNA," a voice called, words ringing out to the world. To me. "You don't wanna be left behind!"

From birth, I was an armature surfer to their waves. Fitting in but not quite. In a sea of people yet still singled out. With maximum effort I had nearly perfected my skill. But a bright light
burned my eyes and I'm swallowed by a tide.

Washing up on a deserted beach, a man appeared before me and offered his hand. "Walk with me and live." His voice was a calm whisper. Nothing like the shouts that used to drum my ears. This man's
words enticed a gentle offer.

I could go with him or rejoin join the flow I've spent years surfing. I glanced at the narrow path behind him and almost turned him down. But one look at the love in his eyes changed my mind.

I chose life.

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