The Son of a King and The Daughter of the Stars

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about a young prince, named Andrew, who desires more than the royal life. He lives in a world, known as the Realm of Wonder, where magic is something used for everything. He enjoys
reading, writing, and exploring. Though his father disapproves of him and refuses to acknowledge his existence, Andrew still finds a way to enjoy his youth while it lasts. Especially after he meets
a wondrous girl who will reveal the truth about their world and the truth about himself.

I simply cannot wait for this year Sun celebration. Yet my brother wants me to greet everyone with shining pride, since I am the second prince of the Spade Kingdom. When I wish for nothing more than to run with the brightly colored phoenix runners who sparkle with every step and dance with the Stars dance coup who bring happiness with every spin. Most importantly the chocolate golden roses sold at the markets. I remember the soft scent of the sun crisps edged tangerines at the tip of my nose.

 I have not had the joy to feel the celebration since I was young.

I remember my brother and I would always compete in who would win the most festival games. Yet of course my brother would always dash his way to the finish line and win by a long shot. I also remember my mother shining the light on the importance of this celebration. Our realm only gets sun 4 times a year for 7 phases. That’s just one week for you earth dwellers. The beginning of every season to be exact. It was a short but sweet time.

So, we should be grateful and pray to our morning sun.

I plan to sneak to the heart of town and enjoy the festival with our neighboring commoners. If I were to stay and wait in the palace, I would be stuck with royal duties and greeting those attending the celebration, as my father would want.

“Ahh Sir Andrew.”

I turn to see our palace servant, Christopher Chapel speaking. I respond,

“Good morning Christopher. Did you bring what I had asked you for?”

Christopher gave a confident smirk and handed me an old filthy cloak.

“But of course, sir Andrew. No one shall recognize you at the celebration.” He spoke. Then he leaned in while handed me the cloak and cocked an eyebrow.

“Sir, is there a reason you want these items to wear to the celebration? Your brother is going as well. Why don’t you accompany him instead?”

I smiled and shook my head. My poor servant doesn’t understand the life of a royal and should never have to. I then tell him,

“Mmmm Christopher. I will tell you this only once. The life as a royal is not happy times and luxury. It's painful and brings attention to my private life. My brother enjoys that life, yet I prefer to be a bit of a recluse and try to enjoy the youth I still possess.”

The satisfied servant chuckled and nodded his head. He then bowed and moved on with his daily work.

 I snuck out through the kitchen’s backdoor. They had a farm, that gatewayed to the edge of the kingdom’s town. I had to sneak past all the kitchen servants, because I knew they’d all rat me out. Most of them were female, and huge fans of my “famously” oh and don’t forget “handsome” brother.

 When I shuffle through the shrubbery, the leaves give a passageway to the bright sky glistening overhead, boiling my skin. Like most, my body isn’t used to the bright sun, so I made sure to bring the sun remedy from the royal herbalists. I smear it over my skin, stabbing me with a slight stroke of pain. The remedy brought me pain, but it would never reach the heights of how bad the pain of a sunburn would possess.

I continued striving through the shrubs and trees as tall as the sky itself. My brother never understood why our ancestors would refuse to tear down the nature given to us by the gods, like the other kingdoms have done. But I knew why they kept the trees. We the spades, hunt our prey, and hunters need to be silent and invisible. The thought of my ancestry made me smirk. It's strange how people from the other kingdoms think. I always loved the thought of how the spades praised and loved nature, but what I was not fond of is why they did so. They used nature to hunt and kill in which I was completely against, which is not helpful since our kingdom is at war. Many spades are required to become knights and fighters. Of course, I am an acceptation because I am the king's son.

I hover over a thick tree branch halting me. It was right in the way of my path, so I reveal my pocket machete and slice it in two. When I move the tree shambles, I am greeted by the fluttering light of the main town decorated in festival decor. Rooves decorated with sunflower petals and phoenix feathers. The town was shimmering in the colors of deep sunset red, bright shimmering yellow, and a soft glistened orange.

It made my heart skip. I don’t remember such extravagant decorations. I feel my heart pulling me into the town. I was unable to hold in my excitement, so I immediately pull out my journal, throw on my cloak and run into town. I began to shake like a child and grew with excitement at every turn I took. I wrote down everything my eyes landed on. Whether it was a phoenix dancer, synchronizing with the heartbeat drummers slamming their hands on the surface, or just the stony road horses ride on; corroded from rainy days in the past.

I spot the festival performers, putting on a show in the distance. They’re playing 'The Day of First Sun', which is a show of pervious historical events. I am amazed by the wonder and beauty of the festival. I had to attend every phase until it past.

I spent the whole day at the festival observing, playing, applauding, hiding, and enjoying. I decided to make one more stop before I would head back to the castle grounds. I wanted to watch the sunset, by the beach on the edge of town.

 I sit on top of a bridge and observe the sun and her beauty, yet before I could watch the show, another stole her spot light. Golden hair shimmering in the distance, flowing in the air. Pure shimmer dropped skin practically glowing as bright as the sun. She was barefoot standing at the edge of the ocean reaching her hands in the sky. She wore dirty clothes that looked of a peasant. I was entranced not by the sunset, but of her.

I heard a voice call,


I assumed and hoped that was her name. It suited her flawless beauty. The voice called again,

“Elira!! Come on darling!! Dina is waiting for you!!”

 She did not move, but her ear twitched. That was definitely her name. I refused to move a single muscle until I saw a glimpse of her face,

“Elira! Sunflower!! Please come in!! It's time to come home for dinner!”

Then at that moment, my world fell into a large pit of awe. The girl turns her head only to reveal to me a face of a goddess. Her skin was rich in a gold color, and her eyes shimmered the perfect tone of lilac. Her smile wards all my unhappiness away. She was the embodiment of the sun itself.

“Sorry Marie. I was just saying bye to the sun. We only get it for 7 phases-”

“-and 4 times a year. I am fully aware of the time honey.” The women interrupted.

“Hey, don’t blame me if I cherish the sun and its wondrous beauty.” she giggled.

Her voice was rich in honey flavor and burst with a feel of happiness. I had never felt this way before.

I immediately wrote about her in my journal. I had to write quickly, because I wanted to meet her, know her, see her. I also began to sketch her, yet I couldn't quite remember her face. I look up and the minute I was eager to get another glance, she was gone, as well as the older women.

I cursed myself. I had to find a way to see her again.


I thought about her for the rest of the night, rereading the notes I took of her. I just couldn’t get her out of my head. She was entirely unforgettable. I was sneaking back to my quarters when I ran face first into a bulking white uniform and a bubbling fury.

“So, I guess you were having nice day brother?”

Dang. I’ve been caught.

“Of course, it’s you Edward. Out of all the people I could’ve ran into.” I spoke with irritation.

“Hey! You’re not allowed to be angry here. I wasn't’ the one who didn’t show up for the opening of the Sun celebration earlier. The crowd was expecting to see Andrew….” He spoke while making dramatic hand gestures.

“Oh lord, here we go again…” I groaned.

“...Second Prince of the Spade Kingdom. Proud and strong.” He boasted triumphantly.

I rubbed my temples, trying to forget that stupid performance, and spoke,

“Brother. Honestly. The kingdom could care less about the honorable Prince Edward’s younger sibling. I’m sure you did glorious without me getting in the way.” I argued calmly.

“Well they would appreciate you more if you participated in more royal activities. You’re always in your room caught up in fairytale books and researching. Try hunting with me and the black knights sometime. Maybe father will approve of you more if you were more willing to-”

I cut him off, knowing what he was to say,

“Be more like you?”

Edward sucked in his words and broke eye contact. He knew deep down that I spoke the truth; that father would only love me if I was more like him. We both knew how our lives always hung under his hands, like puppets being controlled.

“Face it brother. Father will never look at me like he looks at you. There isn’t even a point for there to be a Day of Choice. Everyone in Wonder knows you’ll be king, and I will be stuck in the war as an Ace…”

The Day of Choice is an event for me and my brother to test ourselves and battle for the throne. One sibling wins the throne, and the other takes the place as the throne’s personal adviser, the Ace. Except now the kingdoms are at war, so the Ace trains to be a warrior and helps to lead the army on the front lines. So if I were to become the Ace, I would leave the palace and well….you understand.

And that was the moment that my brother became triggered. He doesn’t like to discuss even the thought of Choice Day quickly approaching. Which is strange. Wouldn’t he want his competition to disappear.

“Andrew! Stop! OKAY!” He fussed.

His forcing tone made my heart jump. I rarely hear my brother become angry, so this gave my heart a fright.

He continued speaking in a softer tone.

“It's just……” He sighed and wiped his brow with his thumb, showing a slight sign of stress.

“......What brother? What's wrong?” I questioned in deep waters of confusion.

“I’m not exactly looking forward to The Day of Choice. I…..I just want to enjoy what time we have left; left with uh…” He stopped. He was frozen in time searching through his mind library for the right words to say.

“...Uh with my competition!” He spurts out. I cock an eyebrow.

A lie…...

“Seriously Ed?” I groaned in irritation, “Is that really all I'm good for?”

“Yeah! Without you, how will I impress father!” He laughed triumphantly while rubbing the back of his head, calming his nerves.

Another lie…. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time, or rather I didn't want to believe that it was a lie.

“Okay, okay. How about we go down to the beach. We can practice our swordplay. King or Ace, that is a skill you should master.” He spoke, while nudging my arm with his elbow.

I looked at him and smirked.

“You and I both know I mastered sword play long ago. You just want to practice to see if you’ve gotten better than me yet.” I boasted. He smiled back and shook his head.

Even if my brother gets most of the spotlight, I am better at most of the skills one must possess to become a king. I just don’t care about becoming a leader or competing with my silly older brother.

“I’m only agreeing because they say during the 7 phases of sun, the stars shimmer brighter.” I calmly demanded.

Then a flicker of memory flashed. A bright light, that wonderous girl I saw; her beauty couldn’t stop my emotions by showing a wide smile upon my face. Good thing my brother had turned. I knew he would have suspected something from my smile.

We both left the safety of our secluded rooms and headed to the armory to pick up our swords. Both are decorated in the emblem of our kingdom, the blue rose. I always carried daggers with me, but according to my brother: "that doesn’t make the ‘cut’ when fighting me”.

Chills of cringe fly up my back when he says stuff like that. My brother is not funny, for an actual fact. I still wonder how exactly he gets girls.

I grab my sword and notice it's covered in dust. I don’t know how long it’s been, but I’m sure it's been at least 10 moons. My brothers on the other hand, glimmers in the shining night. His swords reflection made the moon look brighter than normal. Or maybe it’s just because it’s the week of sun. It reminds me of our relationship with our father. Mine dusty and old, and my brothers bright and shiny as ever; only there to reflect off our fathers shimmering light.

We head to the stables and grab our horses. I search inside for that one special horse; my horse. His name is Finnegan, he is a dark brown, swift stallion, that could run through almost any terrain. My favorite and only horse.

When I was little, I remember I would plea to the gods to make him grow wings and fly, but you can’t have everything. My mother told me that the Pegasus had gone extinct long ago, so it was fairly unlikely that Finnegan would become a flying horse. Of course, I was curious and imaginative, so I didn’t believe a word she said. I attempted to get Finnegan to fly by jumping off a cliff and falling into lake. In the end, I was gifted with an upset foal and a broken wrist.

I looked through the stables and found him in that last section on the right, falling asleep. My brother on the other hand has a strong and fair horse named John. A short and simple name. He named him not attempting to have a deep connection with his tan horse; accompanied with a soft snowflake mane.

We both fetched our saddles and cleaned up our horses preparing for a ride into town.

“So….” My brother spoke, while strapping his saddle on the back of John.

“Do you plan to find love before The Day of Choice?” He chuckled.

My face bursted with cherry red, flashing the bright memory of that girl I spotted at the beach earlier.


A wide smile appeared on my brothers face. He knew, and now he would tease me for it.

“Who is she Andrew? Come on brother, you can tell me anything.” He pressed playfully.

“Piss off Ed…” I groaned, while rolling my eyes.

“Oh fine….you’re no fun..” He whined. He sounded like a small child who had his toys removed from his sight.

We saddle up and head towards the woods.

“We’re going to take the royal path, it’s quicker.” Edward spoke. I agreed and we sought to find the royal trail.

Even though it was dark, the moon lit our path, guiding our way. Finding the coast would be easy since it would be lit up by the stars. The sky shined so brightly, which would reflect upon the bright blue ocean. Because of this strange, yet beautiful anomaly, our ancestors named it ‘The edge of the Galaxies’. This was an actual place outside the kingdoms, but since our kingdom was connected to the coast, we got to see a glimpse of it. It was a long way to go before you could get there but it was worth the wait. I remember I always wanted to go outside the kingdom and see the full spectacle in all its glory.

I would always sketch and write by the ocean. It gifted me with inspiration and promise. I would always feel alive and fulfilled whenever I wrote. When I was younger, I dreamed of being of writer, but with being a royal and my destiny already handed to me, becoming writer isn’t really option. To top it all off, my father wasn’t really happy with the idea of me “writing my own destiny…”

Walking on the trail somewhat lifted my spirits and gave me an ounce of excitement. I knew that the minute we saw the glowing blue stars we would have reached the ocean. The only problem is that this trail takes what feels like forever to get to the beach. I was tempted to bug my brother about our current location, yet I know better than to do something that stupid.

Then at that moment my eyes lit up and glistened. I spotted the glorious ocean of stars. I could feel my heart beating to a steady rhythm in my chest. I uttered the soft words to urge Finnegan to run forward.

Go Finnegan….

I could feel Finnegan’s breath, as he pranced forward on the trail. The sound of his thundering hooves was in sync with my heart. The swift wind blowing through my hair, cooling down the heat of the summer. Then before I could even count, I was greeted by splashes of bright blue, soft magenta and a crystal-clear indigo. What a wondrous and lively ocean.

I hop off my saddle and stretched, reaching my hands towards the moon.

“I didn’t know we were racing.” Edward spoke as he rode John towards me.

I somewhat ignore him and take a large deep breath of the strong saltwater air. Then I felt a cold tap on my shoulder. I turn to be greeted by the sharp side of his spade sword.

“Hmfp! Ignore me all you want, but we are still dueling. You promised to have a battle.” He smirked.

I turned and moved the sword away from my face and swiftly kicked his hand releasing his sword from his grip. I jump above him grabbing the sword and point it at his face.

“I win.” I say proudly.

My brother becomes angered and throws his Snow Knight daggers towards me and I jump above to dodge them.

“I thought you said daggers don’t make the “cut” when battling you!” I shouted while dodging.

I could tell he was angered by my quick victory, and was shouting in fury,

“Shut up and let me hit you!!”

I smiled then pulled out my 9 of spades card, and it began to glow a soft white shimmer.

“HA! Pulling you weapon out already! Isn’t it a bit early or are you scared dear brother?!” he boasts while continuing to throw daggers at me.

Then I smirk and decided to put my card back. I guess I felt I could be swift enough, to where I wouldn’t need anything to protect myself.

I run and slide swiftly into the glowing waters. Then my brother chased after me while holding a leftover dagger attacking me at every know angle possible. I continued to use the strategy of defense while both of our clothes were soaked in the deep shimmering waters of the stars.

The water droplets around us seemed like they were frozen in time, glistening in the sharp moonlight. The scene was so cool and sheen. It made me feel like I was in a action play.

Then my brother continued to throw daggers at me, and I continued to dodge them. One slipped through and sliced through my cheek.

At that point I decided defense was no longer a good option, so I ran back to the beach and grabbed my brother’s sword and pointed it at him. He charged at me directly and I slide underneath, through his legs. I used the waters to splash his face as a distraction and I run forward to him about to puncture, yet I noticed something strange. Edward was looking at something.

I stopped by dragging my feet deep in the sand, braking my attack.

“HEY! You can’t just stop mid-way!” I shout.

Then he turned and look at me. His face almost blue in shock.

“Uh Andrew…. look over there.” He said in a worrisome tone.

I turned to look at the coast and see something floating atop. It looked like a monster or some kind of animal with long hair.

I ran towards the scene and dug through the thick waters. The closer I got; the stranger things became. The hair almost morphed, or maybe just moved, swaying along with the waters current. My brother followed close behind, me.

I grab hold of the hair and pull it aside. Even if the ocean looks flawless, it had strong waters pulling me inwards to follow the current. I look back at the creature and my jaw drops slightly.

It was a child……. or no a women…..

Her eyes closed shut, and her skin was pale. Her hair was golden blond, but dim. I got closer and realized something horrific.

This is…...that girl.

It was the girl I saw earlier at the festival, but her shimmering glow had fluttered away from her. She looked like all her colors had been drained, and she had died in her sleep. She floated so delicately on the surface of the waters. Even if she was dead, there was no doubt that she was still wondrous.

Submitted: August 23, 2018

© Copyright 2021 IndigoRose. All rights reserved.

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This story is a work in progress just to see what people think. I will add another part if you guys enjoy this story. So just leave a comment if you want another part.

Sun, August 26th, 2018 5:49pm


Update One: I finally managed to update the story, after all this time. Thanks so much for those who tuned in on the first section/part. This part mainly deals with more world building and introducing Andrew's brother. We actually get to see some bits of their relationship and how they treat each other. I cannot wait to continue the updates, and I promise the next part won't take as long.
PS: Also if you are here for a love story, then do not fret. It'll be more prominent in future parts :)

Fri, May 3rd, 2019 11:42pm

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