The Son of a King and The Daughter of the Stars

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This story is about a young prince, named Andrew, who desires more than the royal life. He lives in a world, known as the Realm of Wonder, where magic is something used for everything. He enjoys
reading, writing, and exploring. Though his father disapproves of him and refuses to acknowledge his existence, Andrew still finds a way to enjoy his youth while it lasts. Especially after he meets
a wondrous girl who will reveal the truth about their world and the truth about himself.

Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



I simply cannot wait for this year Sun celebration. Yet my brother wants me to greet everyone with shining pride, since I am the second prince of the Spade Kingdom. When I wish for nothing more than to run with the brightly colored phoenix runners who sparkle with every step and dance with the Stars dance coup who bring happiness with every spin. Most importantly the chocolate golden roses sold at the markets. I remember the soft scent of the sun crisps edged tangerines at the tip of my nose.

 I have not had the joy to feel the celebration since I was young.

 I remember my brother and I would always compete in who would win the most festival games. Yet of course my brother would always dash his way to the finish line and win by a long shot. I also remember my mother shining the light on the importance of this celebration. Our realm only gets sun 4 times a year for 7 phases. That’s just one week for you earth dwellers. The beginning of every season to be exact. It was a short but sweet time.


So, we should be grateful and pray to our morning sun.


I plan to sneak to the heart of town and enjoy the festival with our neighboring commoners. If I were to stay and wait in the palace, I would be stuck with royal duties and greeting those attending the celebration, as my father would want.


“Ahh Sir Andrew.”


I turn to see our palace servant, Christopher Chapel speaking. I respond,

“Good morning Christopher. Did you bring what I had asked you for?”

Christopher gave a confident smirk and handed me an old filthy cloak.

“But of course, sir Andrew. No one shall recognize you at the celebration.” He spoke. Then he leaned in while handed me the cloak and cocked an eyebrow.

“Sir, is there a reason you want these items to wear to the celebration? Your brother is going as well. Why don’t you accompany him instead?”

I smiled and shook my head. My poor servant doesn’t understand the life of a royal and should never have to. I then tell him,

“Mmmm Christopher. I will tell you this only once. The life as a royal is not happy times and luxury. It's painful and brings attention to my private life. My brother enjoys that life, yet I prefer to be a bit of a recluse and try to enjoy the youth I still possess.”

The satisfied servant chuckled and nodded his head. He then bowed and moved on with his daily work.

 I snuck out through the kitchen’s backdoor. They had a farm, that gatewayed to the edge of the kingdoms town. I had to sneak past all the kitchen servants, because I knew they’d all rat me out. Most of them were female, and huge fans of my “famously” oh and don’t forget “handsome” brother.

 When I shuffle through the shrubbery, the leaves give a passageway to the bright sky glistening overhead, boiling my skin. Like most, my body isn’t used to the bright sun, so I made sure to bring the sun remedy from the royal herbalists. I smear it over my skin, stabbing me with a slight stroke of pain. The remedy brought me pain, but it would never reach the heights of how bad the pain of a sunburn would possess.


I continued striving through the shrubs and trees as tall as the sky itself. My brother never understood why our ancestors would refuse to tear down the nature given to us by the gods, like the other kingdoms have done. But I knew why they kept the trees. We the spades, hunt our prey, and hunters need to be silent and invisible. The thought of my ancestry made me smirk. It's strange how people from the other kingdoms think. I always loved the thought of how the spades praised and loved nature, but what I was not fond of is why they did so. They used nature to hunt and kill in which I was completely against, which is not helpful since our kingdom is at war. Many spades are required to become knights and fighters. Of course, I am an acceptation because I am the king's son.

I hover over a thick tree branch halting me. It was right in the way of my path, so I reveal my pocket machete and slice it in two. When I move the tree shambles, I am greeted by the fluttering light of the main town decorated in festival decor. Rooves decorated with sunflower petals and phoenix feathers. The town was shimmering in the colors of deep sunset red, bright shimmering yellow, and a soft glistened orange.

It made my heart skip. I don’t remember such extravagant decorations. I feel my heart pulling me into the town. I was unable to hold in my excitement, so I immediately pull out my journal, throw on my cloak and run into town. I began to shake like a child and grew with excitement at every turn I took. I wrote down everything my eyes landed on. Whether it was a phoenix dancer, synchronizing with the heartbeat drummers slamming their hands on the surface, or just the stony road horses ride on; corroded from rainy days in the past.

I spot the festival performers, putting on a show in the distance. They’re playing 'The Day of First Sun', which is a show of pervious historical events. I am amazed by the wonder and beauty of the festival. I had to attend every phase until it past.

I spent the whole day at the festival observing, playing, applauding, hiding, and enjoying. I decided to make one more stop before I would head back to the castle grounds. I wanted to watch the sunset, by the beach on the edge of town.


 I sit on top of a bridge and observe the sun and her beauty, yet before I could watch the show, another stole her spot light. Golden hair shimmering in the distance, flowing in the air. Pure shimmer dropped skin practically glowing as bright as the sun. She was barefoot standing at the edge of the ocean reaching her hands in the sky. She wore dirty clothes that looked of a peasant. I was entranced not by the sunset, but of her.

I heard a voice call,




I assumed and hoped that was her name. It suited her flawless beauty. The voice called again,

“Elira!! Come on darling!! Dina is waiting for you!!”

 She did not move, but her ear twitched. That was definitely her name. I refused to move a single muscle until I saw a glimpse of her face,

“Elira! Sunflower!! Please come in!! It's time to come home for dinner!”

Then at that moment, my world fell into a large pit of awe. The girl turns her head only to reveal to me a face of a goddess. Her skin was rich in a gold color, and her eyes shimmered the perfect tone of lilac. Her smile wards all my unhappiness away. She was the embodiment of the sun itself.

“Sorry Marie. I was just saying bye to the sun. We only get it for 7 phases-”

“-and 4 times a year. I am fully aware of the time honey.” The women interrupted.

“Hey, don’t blame me if I cherish the sun and its wondrous beauty.” she giggled.

Her voice was rich in honey flavor and burst with a feel of happiness. I had never felt this way before.

I immediately wrote about her in my journal. I had to write quickly, because I wanted to meet her, know her, see her. I also began to sketch her, yet I couldn't quite remember her face. I look up and the minute I was eager to get another glance, she was gone, as well as the older women.

I cursed myself. I had to find a way to see her again.

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