To Other Places

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Just flying along with a Dragonfly.

Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



The Dragonfly

Zips along the river's edge

Its wings make the sound of the bee

It hovers

For a moment

Near the cliffs

So I move in that direction

To see what Dragons see.


Then it darts away

Looking for something new

And I watch it fly away

In an absolute state of wonder.

Off I go

I run in that direction

On a quest to find where Dragonflies

Do wander


I follow past the shadows

And the artful sunbeams

Through the misty banks

Where river turns to foam.

I hover near the moss

And ever spreading ferns

But in this sudden forest

Is not the creature's home.


Then I sprout wings

And fly from forests to other places

To the ever changing hillsides

Now covered in radiant flowers.

We are Dragonflies

We have little time to linger

For the summer may only last

A few more hours.


Yes, off we go

To the valley of imagination

That's the place

Where ideas can freely roam.

That is the kingdom

And the birthplace of the Artful Fable

A fitting place for Dragonflies

To make a home.


JE Falcon


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