You Are The One

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Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



"You Are The One"
ou’re it… you’re the one,
the one who was made to shine bright as the sun.
Behind all your shades of subtle and shy,
your truth is as glorious as the star-studded night sky.
What’s amazing to see isn’t the immaculate perfection of your divine tapestry,
woven through with the grace of your magnificent beauty...
nor is it how effortlessly you slay ignorance with only a glance,
turning night into day is your most precious dance!
You are way beyond wild, and deeper than the sea,
for you were never bound, to ever be free.
You ripple through time leaving love in your wake,
you are the definition of what it means to scintillate.


But, the transcendental question that we may never know...
Is something far more inconceivable,
the most incredible show!
The art of forgetting a truth so great,
a universe apparently divided as though one could ever separate.
How do you do it?
To conceal the inimitable majesty of infinite bliss...
How have you forgotten?
You are the face of the lips you aim to kiss,
you are the sun you chase through the night
the very same love you seek to hold tight.
You are the ocean when you pray for the rain,
you are the field when you fight for the grain.
You are the air you are gasping to breathe,
you are the storm the wind and the breeze.
There's nothing you lack, there’s nothing to claim,
it's just you and yourself playing the silliest game.
And really, I'm stunned and quite pregnant with awe,
you seem to defy even your own sacred law.
Your ability to convince yourself that you're not
the source of all joy... I guess you forgot.
I don’t how or why or when or where,
that we started to believe that love was elsewhere.
Well, I just wanted to remind you...
That behind the veil of space and time,
you are limitless infinity!
Eternal consciousness divinity,
A perfect reflected symmetry
of all you have ever wished to be!
I see you
I honor you
I thank you
For choosing to play
This silly game!


We are the chosen ones because we are the ones that chose.

© Copyright 2018 Alexandra F. Mathews. All rights reserved.

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