The Soulmate (Entry for KBG1230's Adventure to LOVE Challenge)

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About a reluctant girl who finds her soulmate.

Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



“My heart is so heavy that I am unable to let down the burden. Why is every day like this?”

The usual thoughts churned in the mind of Ordiella as she was walking alone to her home. She doesn’t clearly remember how long, but it’s been a lot of years since she started living alone. In every phase of her life starting from her school, university, social occasions, work – everywhere she went she had always felt alone despite being surrounded by a lot of people. She wore a beautiful smile that mesmerized anyone to an extent that none suspected the sorrow that she had held deep down.

She reached home finally and threw herself on the bed. After a good night’s sleep, she suddenly realized that she was being late for a business conference. She got up mumbling to herself “Another day to pass on! Pft.”

After networking with a lot of people, trying to sound cheerful and talking like she enjoyed their company, she heard a mild voice call up to her just when she was about to leave.

“Hello Miss!”

She turned around and saw a young man probably her age or older than her. She looked before her to ensure that he was not mistaken and looked back at him again bewilderedly.


“Nice to meet you. I am Sylvester.”

“Oh! Nice to meet you too. I am Ordiella.”

“That’s a rare name you’ve got there.”

“Well, everyone says that.” She said smiling uncomfortably trying to hide her embarrassment. 

“I think it’s special.” He started.

She quickly looked at her watch and said

“Um…Thanks. I am caught up with something right now. I’m sorry I have to leave.”

Ordiella had always been on her guard. Neither has she let anyone inside her life nor has she taken the efforts to expose herself and she was stubborn not to give him a chance. 

Sylvester suddenly came up close to her ear and whispered

“You are not what you show yourself to be. Are you?”

“I’m sorry?” Ordiella replied startled.

“I’ve been observing you and I know that behind that gorgeous smile of yours, you carry the weight of the entire world.”

The conversation spooked out Ordiella as a chill ran down her spine since she felt that his gaze could see through her heart. She immediately backed off and hurried her way to the elevator not daring to turn back while he stood looking at her.

A few weeks passed by after the strange incident and it kept Ordiella thinking at the back of her mind. She decided to go for a stroll in the Belle Avenue park close to her home to set her mind free of the cluttered thoughts. After the much-needed break, she rested on a bench as she spaced out looking at the lake before her. 

“Hi Ordiella” a voice sounded similar. It was him again.

“I never expected to see you here.” he said.

“Not again!” she thought to herself and got up to leave when he suddenly held her by her hand. 

“Why are you trying to leave like before?” he asked.

“Can’t you see that I am not interested in starting a conversation with you?” she tried to shake his hands off. 

“For how long? How long are you going to pretend like this? This is what you’ve been saying to every man you meet.” He held her strongly now. 

“Are you stalking me?” she questioned him as he got every point right about her. 

“Why would I? I can just see it from your eyes. Your eyes don’t lie.”

“Besides, for a woman to remain single still, you do have a lot of insecurities that you need to overcome.”

“Shut up!” she yelled at him and forced her hand free of his hold, but he confronted her again

“Why won’t you let me in your world? You won’t know unless you give a try.” He said melancholy. 

“Because I don’t gamble with my life. I don’t need anyone to depend upon.”

“Really?” he chuckled. 

“Haven’t there been times when you wanted to hug someone and cry louder? Haven’t there been times when you wanted to share something remarkable that you had achieved?”

“No!” she sternly replied to him.

“Think about it!” he said to her as he took her hand and placed his business card on her palms and closed her fingers over it. 

“And you will know the truth once you stop deluding yourself.” And this time, he walked away as she looked at him while clutching his business card, not knowing what to do. 

Almost a month passed by and one lonely night, when Ordiella had cried herself to sleep, she saw Sylvester in her dream. She was going through a nightmare, but he had jumped in and turned it into a pleasant dream. She felt so surreal when she was alone with him under a Cherry blossom tree and he spoke to her in her dream,

“You know I’ve been watching over you ever since you were born. You really hate to admit it when you feel alone and sad, always trying to put up a strong front and fooling yourself.” And laid his hand on her head and caressed her. But, she quickly tossed his hand away.

He never gave up on her and grabbed her hand and pushed her close to his chest and hugged her.

“I won’t do anything to you, you don’t have to be scared.” He said as she struggled, yet he continued his conversation. 

“I know that you are still a child even if you’ve grown up and you don’t have to hold things in anymore. Just let them all go. I am here for you like how I have always been there for you, even if you didn’t notice me. I love you and promise not to let you go even if you try to walk away. I will always be there for you no matter what. It’s time to let yourself free.”

She didn’t know why but tears just started to flow, and she began to weep. She wept like she hadn’t cried for many years as she held onto him tightly. He gave her a gentle kiss on her head and carried her like a baby to rest under the tree and she quickly fell asleep in his arms. 

The alarm from her phone sounded and she quickly got up startled wondering about the dream still. She took out the business card from the drawer and tapped on his number, but it was unreachable. The response was the same when she tried contacting him the following weeks. She even set out to the park where she once met him in hopes of meeting him again but alas, he was never to be seen again. 

Her unlively life continued like she just got back to square one until she met him again while walking alone on a rainy night as she got drenched. Someone was holding an umbrella for her unexpectedly and when she turned back, he was standing there. She couldn’t control her joy as well as the sadness she had experienced in missing him all these months. She burst into tears and hugged him tight. 

“Still remember the Cherry blossom tree?” he asked smiling at her. 

She pushed away and looked into his eyes surprised.

“I thought it was just a dream. How…How did you know?”

“Nothing is a dream. Everything is well planned. I was destined to meet you at the right time, but I had always been the one to find you. I knew that I can’t make you understand if I don’t let you find me for a while.”

“What are you? Are you an angel or something?” she asked. 

“Well, doesn’t my Goddess know that? Or is she trapped in illusion to not realize that she is a goddess?”

“I don’t understand” she said puzzled. 

“Don’t worry, we can take it slow.”

“Did you miss me?” he asked slyly, quickly changing the topic. 

“I tried contacting you over the phone and searched for you everywhere. Where were you all this while?”

“I had been on a business trip for some time and I knew I had to be back before you could forget me.”

She got annoyed and left the shelter of his umbrella, but he pulled her back again and kissed her hand.

“As I had promised you already, I’ll never let you go even if you try to walk away. I will keep following you in this life and all the lives you are to take just like in all the previous lives.”

From then on, her once solitary journey was liberated by her mysterious savior, who knew more about her than she ever knew about herself or him. She had finally found the one she loves...her soulmate!

© Copyright 2019 shika. All rights reserved.

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