Sexy Primes

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A mathematic poem about love containing every sexy prime pair (prime numbers with a difference of six) between 5 and 103.

Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



I asked her how tall she was and she said, "Just under six feet."
I thought, "That makes her 5'11"" and I said, "That's sexy."
She was a mathematician so she got the joke.

When I asked for her phone number I noticed that the last three digits were 713.
Now you know that that means.
That means that every chat is a sexy phone call.
I saved her number in my phone as I exited the mall.

Our first date was at 11:17am.
I woke up late and missed breakfast,
but I thought maybe we could catch brunch.

So we went to my favorite Denny's at 1319 Main
and the check was $17.23.

You were 23 and I was 29,
but that's okay because that's sexy too.

And whether we're we 31-37, 41-47, or 47-53,
whenever we're past our prime,
whenever "prime" may be,
you'll still be sexy,
because you're always sexy to me.

And when we're 53 and 59
and our kids go off to college one at a time,
we'll still be sexy.

Because we'll have the house to ourselves,
where we can catch up on The Simpsons.
All 6,167 episodes.

Because we still laugh at Marge's blue hair.

And at episode 67 we'll fall asleep until #73.
Because we just don't have the stamina that we used to.

Then I'll take you out to a steak dinner where the tab is $73.79.
To make up for all those lost breakfasts, for all our lost time.

Then we'll have a glass of wine
where we reminisce about the summers of '83 and '89
where we went at it like animals every second of every night.
Those were our sexiest summers.

Finally, when you're 97 and I'm 103,
when I'm feeble and frail and ready to leave,
I'll tell you the thing that I've always believed.
"You're the sexiest prime that I have ever seen.
Now kiss me goodbye, and stay sexy for me." 

© Copyright 2019 Matthew Benfield. All rights reserved.

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