Forgiven Over Time

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Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



If I look into your eyes 

Will you see the pain of my past 

Will you understand? 


When you see me cry 

Will you ever see why 

 I was willing to change 

To do more than just rearrange 

To put on yet another skin 

To be loved, valued, and accepted? 


When you saw me smile 

Saw my light for the first time 

you burned it out 

you covered my mouth 

Silenced my voice 

And told me that I had no choice 


If I smile at you now 

You'll see my light for the first time in a long time 

Will you realize what you did to me then?


When you saw me laugh 

I would feel the slap before it came

I would feel the daggers before they hit 

I would see my fantasy ripped apart in front of me

 A dismal reminder of my reality 


When you see me now 

You treat me as if I'm a stranger 

No longer afflicted from your anger 

No longer afraid to use my voice 

No longer worried if I have a choice


If you understood what you did to me then

You'd be surprised at my response I give to you now


Thank you 


Thank you for the pain and the poison.

Thank you for the lies and the secrets.

Thank you for brainwashing me and keeping me inside my box. 

Thank you for my past 


What you did to me

What you said to me

What you allowed to happen 

What you chose to forget 

Helped me fight for my life. 


I'm a fighter 

I'm stubborn 

I'm compassionate 

I'm caring 

I'm a writer that writes with her whole heart 


I may be damaged 

I may have bad self esteem 

I may have a hard time with the real world 

I may be skittish and afraid through people's eyes 


But I am in a better place 

I'm growing at my own pace 

I'm shedding skin 

And coming into my own 

I no longer feel lost and alone 


When you see me cry

When you see me smile

When you hear me laugh 

I want you to know 

You played your role in all of that. 


If I look into your eyes

If I smile at you now 

If I could show you the road I traveled since I left 

  I'd tell you this

'I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference,' 







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