Stolen Memories Of Our Onam

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Christian Writers

I am submitting this work for making a smile love the miles it may travel near my home. This Onam brings a day we light a candle together in one hope. I am submitting this as a prayer for your
support. Please assist our common home for these grants. :)

Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018



Very truly this onam must not reside on a feeling of insecurity,

Yet I am urging Maveli to give us a feeling to survive the hurdles and carry on,

Our courageous days unforgettable push this onam story supporting the reality we face,

Never obsessed giving up on what happened,

We are lost in those old moment begot happiness,

Our Kerala attire never forgets helping the unfortunate respecting one Indian offering,

Not just ritualistic those stolen memories in every home welcome a comeback,

Rising above the floods stranded feeling that there is no inclinations on either side,

Our onam cause is a feast staged trying hearts to find where we will always meet for the first time,

This normal life in an old garment taken for a ride may not be easy,

If time flee our kindness and Maveli visits some ideological folklore,

Today many homes feels onam always has a prosperous silence remaking our fortunes build to survive,

Fighting our claims may the mythification blew and beat on the climate change prevailing over our true history here,

A home might throw million memories ahead that know who you are now,

One kind king happened to travel on a prayer that drew wilderness and the Lord became silent,

In debted in giving a commonman when he needs a drop of compassion,

And where extreme weather events claimed like a foolish man,

A heart so kept aside in one awakeness,

Asked Maveli held so strong in our human bonds,

Today lawless scores on lives fortune and damaged property bringing our public life to a standstill,

God alone was astonished when this King never asked anything for himself,

May Maveli make us wealthy how we consider ourself important for HIS land,

We may have ample of opportunity now and we will make in our future,

When worthy cause of this calamity is unclear and you need to solve such problems in future,

Our deepest wisdom may make us tormented for this knowledge,

Our courage makes comeback blessed in strongest soul and one mindless spirit,

Where uncertainties peddle the lifeworld of people,

But the cause havokening our efforts may gift a need to rewind an aid for each other,

A king under no authority saw how this impacted their public life over a strange fruit,

Time may never forget the cry brought into our dwelling place,

For the grief-sickened victims of HIS land,

Maveli wished to ignite a candle of hope,

May who sustain the source is not dead and you bear surprises in those daunting last miles,

May this king bless the longing truth in the wonderful works of our hearts gift,

Today we cannot blame Mother Nature's dissemination,

Floods came causing extensive damage to public life, property, crops, livestock and infrastructure;

Without distress can we do our duty quietly guiding them to their desired haven,

Today homeless they may stay in relief camps,

A home build from all savings of a lifetime lost in a dream,

Stands roofless clogged with water-logged mud and impurities any time it may collapse,

Maveli thought,

Today my land is sandwitched between devastation and rehabilitation,

How far when millions hope got washed away in floods?

Those displaced families are still living in most unimaginable ways,

Where the remote connectivity remains as water logged roads,

When more help need to clean up homes so that they are inhabitable,

When we may need to repair equipments or replace damaged utensils still tell us where we are,

Today some direct support to provide easy loans may help families recover is a great relief,

We need precautions protecting our family from waterbrone disease,

A disaster like never before in our entire history,

Calls restoring the trauma of damaged power infrastruture,

Still salutes those heroes whose indominable human spirit,

Made our relief camps without scarcity of medicines and supply coordination,

However duanting is not uncertainity in climate science,

I hope there will not be extreme weather and their destructiveness on our global mainland,

But a king under no authority listened this heart learning the great works near to the gates of hope,

Yet unnoticed comeback we believe offered saw Maveli in a resilent responsibility to alert people,

May we never forget their troubles will broke a chain into pieces if this king wished,

If the best antidote undoubtedly manage unseen uncertainities and improve our usual routines and cooperation be valuable for all,

A natural disaster management must provide insulations with the rights, livelihoods and interests of those who are the most affected;

Today whomsoever falls on the plan our builders cannot reject,

Here we are all needed from a heart,

Maveli may wish such natural calamity never strike anywhere again,

Let our harvest for this healthy grant Maveli wished on this Onam,

Offer a prayer together come enlightened that this hardwork brings for all,

Here let us light and do this lifesaving work as our duty never forgettable,

Those who lost everything cannot be kept away yet they need a livelihood for comeback,

We must believe for our common home this Onam will put our hope to test,

Together this dream we are commited sustain our clear vision for one human family,

Help us achieve this goal through what you need to do,

May our weakness asking for your support,

Be the ultimate strength as there is a great love beyond any hope,

Let us respect every stories when these limits are your utmost strength for our goodnews here,

Before it is time I experience an unfinished Onam festivity in three things every day,

Every step of the way tells us more people say yes for making a difference,

My first and most important greatest gift requests you to start this at the right time,

If Maveli own this wealth impossible to conquer when we make other people's lives better,

Always there will be Onam not in one name,

But beyond abundance your great stories will be our supreme foundations of humanity in this name,

Happy Onam Greetings.. :)

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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