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Just a little short story: Family, drama, young adult.

Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018



Lizzie is a young woman who lives in Miami, Florida. The United States of America. She is a super white skinned lady, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes of the sea, because she is pure American! She doesn’t have a background, well obviously! She lives in a small flat unit; she has independently thrown herself into the reality of life and the workforce. She is an artist. She has got many portraits, landscapes of her talented, creative and artistic artwork in her art gallery that she owns.

She wants to live life her way and doesn’t hesitate to! But she is emotionally and mentally ill at the moment due to her mother’s loss (Georgia) the reason and cause is committing a crime to herself….. Suicide! Yes she has closed her eyes to life, and passed away in a tragic death. It was a terrible death and pain for Lizzie’s family…… words can’t describe how much she misses her mother, and the pain she feels in her heart.

Georgia died from her economic crisis. She discovered that she went through bankruptcy. She lost her job because people frauded her. She was a soft hearted, weak willed women, she did not deserve this in Lizzie’s terms! Lizzie’s father (Jacky) is going through chronic anxiety and depression. Lizzie on the other hand self-harms herself from her mother’s trauma. The Jacky family has torn down in other words, collapsed, in a breakdown from the horrible incident.

Months and years pass for them to be back on track with a much more stable condition for the Jacky family. Georgia is gone, Jacky is back to work with his private company/business. (Jackyworks) which is a merchandise production organization at the New York City. Jacky lives there separated from Lizzie’s dad because Lizzie wants a life her way. But she still visits her dad often, even after their loss Lizzie stayed with her dad for some time.

They both get along well but (Celia) Lizzie’s oldest sister has completely moved elsewhere with her boyfriend and never came back to visit the Jacky family. Celia is always childish, immature, and clumsy, unlike Lizzie. Lizzie is much more realistic, sensible and wise. It may sound strange because Lizzie is the youngest but this is just the way people are, everybody has a different personality, age doesn’t define everything.

There is one furtive secret that Lizzie holds though….. Something that she shouldn’t have done, to her sister. She has got ominous plans and tactics in her head…. Yes she is somber…… she is zeal To destroy her sister!..... Lizzie is in love with Celia’s boyfriend…….YES this is the truth she beholds in her heart. And when it comes to love and freedom Lizzie looks alike with her sister Celia. After all they’re family and blood is thicker than water.

Lizzie is exasperated, infuriated. She will aggravate. And how Celia has escaped from Lizzie with (Sebastian – Celia’s boyfriend) she is going mad and insane! She is jealous of her sister, how can Sebastian be in the hands of her sister?

Lizzie decides to go to where Celia is, she searches every proof of evidence to find where she is and soon she does! Lizzie has a crazy plan; she is going to write up a fake letter saying and stating that Celia is cheating on Sebastian with another man. Lizzie then will be in Sebastian’s arms when she finds him crashed down from the betrayal. Lizzie will be with him and she will prove him that she is better for him than her sister! Lizzie will embrace the love and affection she has for him and everything will be perfect! She can’t wait until Sebastian is hers! If it is for Sebastian then let her sister be her biggest enemy! Love is so harsh and coldhearted!

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