The surprise proposal....!

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A scene: The surprise Proposal!......

Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018



I and my boyfriend Ethan board the A380 Airbus. The air feels humid, with little amount in a summer morning, with a feeling of pressure and smell from the plane which is unpleasant.  We will be seated in first class deck. Ethan has acknowledged and convinced me into this holiday to Hawaii- the big island. Somehow I have a sense of feeling that John is going to surprise me with something incredible! I can tell, it’s obvious to see from his shifty and cheeky actions and movements.

‘’This is going to be a marvelous holiday! And by the way I do have something special planned for you sweetheart!’’ He says to me.

 ‘’Oh I am in complete wonder now, what is it?’’

‘’you will see soon just wait….!’’

 I start to get even more interested in what was about to come my way…..

 No wonder why I felt like he had a surprise for me! I say to myself.

After we takeoff Ethan takes me to the mini bar of the plane…..

And what do I see and hear!......  One big large pop!  The flight attendants throw sparkles that look shiny like glitter everywhere, falling down on us! All the passengers onboard who is watching this scene claps. Red roses everywhere, on the walls, ceiling, men playing the instruments with romantic music in the background.  The bar looks magnificent!  Ethan kneels down to me and asks me holding a ring box in one hand.  

‘’Nicole, I have specially created this loving proposal for you. Nicole, will you spend the rest of your life sharing it with me? A promise to you, I will never leave you, in good days and bad days, I will embrace my love for you…. forever!..... Now will you marry me Nicole?.......’’ 

 Ethan proposes to me in a spectacular way, with much eloquence words! I can’t believe this!

‘’Yes I promise you all of the above too, yes I would marry you Ethan!’’

I reply with my hands on my mouth from the shock.

Ethan takes hold of my flesh, lifts me up and twirls me around the plane with happiness!

The waitress at the bar starts to pop open the wine bottle, it squirts everywhere the guy yells out ‘’woo’’ everyone cheers for us and gives a round of applause, gloriously with much enthusiasm!

And that was my surprise proposal from Ethan!  Now I understand why we are going to this holiday- for our honeymoon!  

After we deboard the plane, we are ready and set to explore Hawaii! The big island!...... this is going to be splendid! I longingly hope with a smile on my face……

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