Past, Present, Future

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Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018



First nations people have been around for years

They were brave and courageous with no fears

Living together all as one

Surviving off the land, always giving back when they're done

They moved around from place to place

Using the many rivers to travel at a pace

To them everything on Earth was connected

Plants, animals, and even rocks were all respected

In their communities everyone had a role

Children and elders had a great toll

The elders told stories and were wise

Children listened with curiosity in their eyes

Men were hunters who put food on the table

Women were caretakers who made all lives stable

To them everyone did their part

In making a community a home at heart

But all changed when the europeans came

But still they welcomed them, thinking they'd do the same

At first it was nice and all was well

Then more white men came and it all became hell

Needing room for the immigrants space

They slowly started to see us as the bad in this case

First nations people killed and land was stolen

Put onto reserves, hearts became swollen

They wanted to kill the indian in the child

Put into abusive schools, now isnt that wild?

Children put into care to be raised as white

Stolen from their families, that is not right

The trauma endured brought so much pain

Passed down through generations, but who is to blame?

First nations have been oppressed for years

Still so many problems and so many tears

Present times for first nations is sad

Many women going missing or murdered, this is very bad

Our languages dying and people are crying

Teens and youth with pain in their hearts

Using drugs and alcohol, tearing lives apart

Many homeless and lost indigenous people

Seen as less than everyone, as if we're not equal

Injustice in the system, Colten Bushie for one

A man who was murdered in cold blood, a case that was closed off and done

No justice for our people

No help in our lives

How can we be a system if we are given lies?

Lies that the government cares

If they did, we wouldn't be struggling

Housing, water issues, sickness, it's so troubling

First nations were here before Canada was a place

We were inhabitants, but lies we face

That europeans discovered the land like we weren't here, what a disgrace

What do we do to make a better future?

Where can we start to help us sooner?

First we can teach the first nations history

As to some people it still remains a mystery

As they don't know what we have been through

So they are quick to judge from their point of view

First nations are resilient and strong

We have been through so much but still getting along

They have tried to kill us but we are still here

Living on the same land far and near

We have been through trauma and pain

But still standing and here forour culture to remain

We will fight for our rights as people

To make a future where we are all equal





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