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Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018




A bed of serenity shared sips of champagne

Dancing in merriment of soft mist rain

A tender kiss to my cheek

Palms clasped tightly, voices in union, affectionate mummurs we speak

On rose petal sheets

Famished lips to soothe

Feel the passion, sinking into the narrowing groove

Shelter my nakedness, cocoon my essence of sultry moves

Rainbow arched locked inside the sky

Pathway is sleek, smooth, bodies singing as an echoing lullaby

Stars shooting as they fly

My heart, mind, and heart covet

Wishes, comforting, desires steadily plummeting

The warmth of your breath taking mine away

The blue skies surrender the sun as we lay

Passion collide, once inside, slip and slide

A hard umbrella to shelter my needs

As gentle rain pours sowing as it flees

As you deeply embed the creed of your pearly seeds

A yearning to reap of its fervent deeds

Life so serene, embracing wise choices

Riding the wind, heartbeats beating as galloping horses

Gratification heard in lyrical voices

When to trot, stop, or look back

Or submit to the sweetest wishes under a magician’s magical top hat

No hands to push away

Feet grounded, emotions of enrapture kissed from night to day

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run

Bodies entwined from midnight pass the rise of the sun

Eyes see, mouth can’t speak

In the midnight hour, the flow of your essence completes me

Heartbeat matching mine, the Heavens hears

Keep you close, no fears, no tears

Sought and caught


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