god's reason

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Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018



All my life

I have been searching for God

And his reason.


Why did he make my sister blind

Why did he make me lonely

Why do we have to die

Why are so many people living in a nightmare

I am so lost today.

Searching for happiness

And settling for a brokenness

The sky is dark It will rain tonight

And I will ask God


Why do my friends fall for people who hurt them

Why can I do nothing about it

There is so much I cannot change

More I do not understand

Does he really have everything planned?

Because today I feel as inconsistent as the wind

Blown back and forth Everything out of my control

You are the only thing that anchors me The only reason I stay steady

I am tired of searching for answers I am ready

To accept the unknowns in my life.

In the world

God did not make the world this way

We did.

But God did made the sky And trees by my house that I love

The island that became my home

I hope one day it will all be right I hope my friends are happy one day With someone new

I hope it rains tonight

To God, I am sorry. He owes me nothing

Because he gave me you.

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