Death finds a way

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Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018



I’m here to talk to you about Death. Now, Death gets quite a bad reputation among most, if not, all humans that roam the Earth. This is due to the fear, anger and downright ignorance that comes with Death.

The anger, though misguided, is fully justified. It stems back to people’s childhood; no one likes having their toy taken away from them, it’s stealing what’s rightfully yours, it’s unfair. However, whilst you may say it’s unfair for someone to take your toy, you must ask yourself this…I’ll bet you weren’t the one who bought the toy. No. Someone else gave it to you, therefore you must be grateful, careful, and ultimately understanding if it’s taken away. In the end the toy will break; you may be caring with it, you may store it in a smoke and pet-free home, but in the end the toy will reach a demise. No matter how tightly your grasp and how protective you are, deterioration is out of your hands. Death comes hand in hand with life. You didn’t bring yourself into this world, so why should you leave when you want? You got into the party for free, so don’t complain when it ends.

Awakening from a bright light, Death is in a jungle. His Scythe, though lacking eyes, gave him a smug look. “Immortality. What a smart group of apes” proclaimed Death, his voice lacking the sound of a bottomless pit it once had. The human aura surrounding Death was rather unnerving and the Scythe, though lifeless, looked uncomfortable. Staring at his Scythe, Death noticed his reflection, with his face still that of a grinning skeleton, and a body still made of sturdy bone he wondered why he felt so unusual. Uncomfortable. Weak.

His journey began. Death being the strong, silent type was feeling weak and clumsy. His steps were causing quite the commotion for the surrounding wildlife.

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