What Happened To You

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I want to make this a lot bigger so i would like feedback on what people think of this.

Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018



What Happened To You

[This is a story about a group of friends and how their lives change forever]

[Yashi Yamamoto: An outgoing teenager who wants to be nice every chance he gets, he enjoys being with his friends, and getting girls, 17]

[Holly Murano: A hardy softball player with killer fielding skills, Fastest runner on the team and has been friends with Kallo ever since they were kids, They look after one another, 16]

[Kallo Nakamura: A soft spoken person with the brain of an analyst some call him a machine because his math skills are college level, he also lost his parents in a car crash 6 years ago and their deaths plague him to this day, 16]

[Lucy Okada: New girl that's going to meet Yashi, Holly and Kallo, She loves reading and literature, but she's not afraid to get ruff when playing a game, 17]


Yashi: You guys wanna go to the park?

Holly: Yeah! Kallo?

Kallo: I’m fine, but you guys should totally go

Holly: (sad tone) ...Kallo?

Yashi: C’mon buddy it will do some good for ya

Kallo: It’s ok I don’t wanna ruin your guys fun

[Yashi and Holly decide not to go without Kallo. Kallo goes home and Holly walks with him since their neighbors]

Holly: (softly) Kallo?

Kallo: Yeah?

Holly: (hesitating) I...It sure is nice out tonight

Kallo: Yeah it’s beautiful

Holly: Yep. Hey Yashis meeting a girl tomorrow and I was wondering if you’d tag along so it won’t be so awkward

Kallo: But, Holly?

Holly: (sad eyes) Yes?

Kallo: You know i'm not big on meeting new people.

Holly: Please?

Kallo: (guilty) Ok i’ll go along. What time?

Holly: YAY! 6:30 and please be there

Kallo: I will see ya later. (Man Holly can go from sad eyes to overflowing with joy in seconds, what did I get myself into)

Holly: (softly) Bye.

[Holly enters her house and goes to her room]

[In Holly's room]

Holly: (talking to her friend Jackie on the phone) I didn't tell him yet, but I will don’t worry

Jackie: You know Holly you need to be true to your feelings eventually or you’ll regret it forever.

Holly: You're right I need to tell him and I will tomorrow, Ok?

Jackie: Ok, I trust you will.

[In Kallo’s House]

Kallo: Why did she want me to go we’ll just be tagalongs, so why would she even ask me to come. I don’t know maybe i’m just overthinking it, maybe it will be fun, yeah like the good old days.

[Tomorrow At 5:00 When Kallo Starts Heading Towards The Meeting Spot]

Kallo: (I see her playing catch with her friend Jackie). Well Holly said 6:30, but she’s here so I may as well go say hi.

Kallo: Hi Holly, hi Jackie.

Holly: (blushes) Hi Kallo!

Jackie: (hastily) Hey Kallo, umm I just remembered that I have to go babysit today talk to guys later, bye.

Kallo: Ok? What was that about?

Holly: I don’t know, but since I can’t play catch anymore wanna go to the meeting spot?

Kallo: It’s 5:00 we’ll be early.

Holly: Eh, what else do we have to do?

Kallo: Good point, ok let’s go.

Holly: Ok.

[On The Way To The Meeting Spot]

Kallo: So why did we really choose to be third wheels with these two?

Holly: Because we can help him if he needs it, we’re his friends that's what we do.

Kallo: Yashi? Need help, you're joking right?

Holly: No why?

Kallo: You know he is great at getting girls, he hasn't needed our help with anyone else so why is this one an exception?

Holly: Because.

Kallo: Great explanation Holly.

Holly: Ok, I asked you to come along because I didn't want be a third wheel so I brought you along.(apologizing smile)

Kallo: You should have told me, I would have brought a game or something.

Holly: oh silly we’ll be in a park.

Kallo: Yeah I guess that’s true.

[They Arrive At The Park With 30 Minutes left To Spare]

Kallo: Well we're here so what do you wanna do?

Holly: (thinks) Hmmm, wanna go on the swings?

Kallo: Sure.

[Kallo and Holly walk to the swings]

Kallo: Here i’ll push you.

Holly: You're so predictable (she says with a smirk)

Kallo: What do you mean “i’m predictable?”

Holly: Remember when we were children, you would always push me even when I told you not to.

Kallo: Yeah, I remember and I also remember that whenever we played tag you’d always push me down instead of tap me and i’d chase you for a while, then i’d get tired.

Holly: You couldn't catch me no matter how hard you tried (she says as she laughs).

Kallo: Yeah and remember when your dog leroy got caught by the dog catcher?

Holly: (sad tone) yeah, I was so angry at him for doing that, but we got him back. Leroy was a good dog.

Kallo: Hey, it’s alright; the things you love will always be in your heart.

Holly: (wiping her eyes) That's just like you Kallo.

Kallo: What do you mean?

Holly: Making me feel better even when i’m sad, you know… you did the same thing when we were little.

HollY: (thinks) Kallo sometimes I wish we could go back to when we were kids, me and you just had so much fun together. When did you change.

Kallo: Yeah I know.

HollY: (sprints off towards the pond).

Kallo: Holly!

[Kallo tries to catch her]

Holly: (jumps in the pond)

Kallo: (covers self from the splash)

Kallo: Really? This shirt is dry clean only.

Holly: Oh come on, it’ll be fun.

Kallo: (thinks to himself) There she goes again using that word “fun”. Maybe she's right.

Kallo: (without hesitation he jumps in)

Holly: (searches for kallo, but he’s nowhere to be seen) Kallo?!

Kallo: (goes under Holly and throws her up)

Holly: (screams) Ahhhhhh! (splash)

Kallo: (laughing) Hahahaha.

Holly: (gasps for air)(coughs) Kallo!

Kallo: (feels bad) Sorry Holly.

Holly: (with a smirk) You know you can't do something like that.

Kallo: I know.

Holly: Without expecting consequences!

Kallo: (shocked) What?

Holly: (without hesitation she throws Kallo)

Kallo: Ahhhh! (splash)

Kallo: (rises)

Kallo & Holly: (Laughing)

{As They Are Getting Out Of The Water}

Holly: See didn't I tell you it was going to be fun.

Kallo: Yeah you did and I have to admit it was pretty fun.

Kallo: Hey Holly?

Holly: Yeah?

Kallo: I…(interrupted by the bell notifying it's 6:30)

Holly: Well it’s 6:30 they should be here anytime now.

Kallo: Yeah.

Holly: What was it you wanted to tell me Kallo?

Kallo: Nothing.

Holly: Are you sure?

Kallo: Yeah i'm sure Holly.

{They See Yashi And Lucy Walking Toward Them Now}


Yashi: Hey Holly, hey Kallo!

{Holly & Kallo Smile As  Yashi And Lucy Approach}

Yashi: Kallo glad you came i was worried you were giving it second thoughts.

Kallo: Don't worry Yashi i gave it some thought and i figured i need a little fun.

Yashi: Well there's going to be plenty of that.

Yashi: Hey, why are you guys wet?

Kallo + Holly: We swam in the pond.

Yashi: Sounded fun, too bad we got here too late.

Holly: Yeah all of us swimming together would have been a blast.

Yashi: Oh, Kallo this is Lucy, she's new to our school.

Lucy: Hello, nice to meet you Kallo.

Kallo: Likewise.

Holly: So what do you guys want to do?

Kallo + Lucy: (Gave a shrug)

Yashi: You guys want to walk down by the clocktower and show lucy around a bit?

Holly + Kallo: (Nodded)

{As They Walk To The Clocktower, Holly Walks With Kallo They’re A Few Steps Behind Yashi And Lucy}

Holly: Hey Kallo?

Kallo: Yeah Holly?

Holly: (Thinks about what she's going to say)

Kallo: Holly?

Holly: Oh, sorry.

Kallo: It's ok we all can get lost in our own thoughts, so what did you want to ask me?

Holly: How come you never come and play with me and our friends like we used to?

Kallo: (Thinks)...Well Holly to tell you the truth, I…

Holly: (Tearing up) Yeah?

Kallo: I miss those days, but we’re getting to the point in our lives where we must choose what we want to do with the rest of our lives, and i’ve been looking at possible careers that i might want to do in the near future and i’ve just been bookmarking them and studying up on them.

Holly: (Thinks about what Kallo said) Yeah you have talked about this before on how you want an amazing career, well what about your friends we matter too, but all you care about is your career choices).

Holly: Cool, glad your thinking of the future Kallo.

Kallo: Thanks Holly.

Yashi: Well we’re here.

Lucy: Wow this clocktower is larger than the one back home.

Holly: Hey Kallo remember how we used to play tag around the clock tower.

Kallo: Yeah it was so much fun and I’d always end up hurt one way or another afterward.

Holly: Well…(Tags Kallo) You're it (She sprints away)(Yashi and Lucy join in)

Kallo: Hey! (Sprints and gets Lucy) You're it!

Lucy: (giggles)(Runs and gets Yashi) Got you.

Yashi: (Laughs)(Sprints and gets Kallo)

Kallo: Aw man!

Kallo: (looks at Holly) Better run!

Holly: (Screams and runs)

Kallo: (Right behind Holly, but then he trips and falls on top of Holly)

Kallo: Oh my head, Holly are you alright.

Kallo: (On top of Holly)

Holly: (Stares into Kallos concerned eyes) I'm ok as long as your ok kallo, but i’d be better if you WEREN'T ON TOP OF ME!

Kallo: (shocked) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall on you it was an accident, honest.

Holly: It's ok Kallo, i'm fine jeez why do you worry so much?

Kallo: Because, i care about you.

Holly: (gasps)(In a soft voice) Kallo.

Holly: You care about me?

Kallo: Well yeah we’ve been friends since we were kids and i’ve always made sure you were safe, you mean a great deal to me.

Holly: I care about you too.

Holly: (Thinks) If only you knew how much my care for you would go, if only I could show you how I feel.

Kallo: Well since you're ok we should get out of the grass.

Holly: You're Right.

Yashi + Lucy: Are you guys ok?

Kallo: Yeah we’re fine, I just tripped.

Yashi: Well at least you guys are fine.

Holly: Yeah.

{The Clocktower Rings It's 7:00}

Yashi: WEll my parents will be making dinner soon, you guys wanna stay for dinner tonight?

Lucy: Sure, sounds nice.

Kallo: You guys go ahead i'm still a little damp.

Holly: Yeah me too.

Yashi: Ok we’ll catch you guys later.

Holly: Ok bye.

Kallo: Nice meeting you Lucy, Bye.

Kallo: Your mom will probably have dinner ready for you.

Holly: Yeah what are you gonna do.

Kallo: I don't know yet.

{Kallo and Holly are on their way home}

Holly: So what are you going to make for dinner.

Kallo: Nothing, I’ll probably going to read a book and then get some sleep.

Holly: You're not eating again, this is the fifth time this week you skipped dinner, you need to eat.

Kallo: Eh, I just haven’t been hungry lately.

Holly: That's no excuse, Well since you won’t make yourself dinner then I invite you to my house for dinner.

Kallo: But, Holly?

Holly: No, buts about it.

Kallo: Ok.

Holly: Yay! Sleepover!

Kallo: (chuckles)

{They arrive at Holly’s house}

Holly: Hey we’re here.

Holly: Hey mom Kallo’s over!

{Mrs. Murano walks into the room to greet Kallo}

Mrs. Murano: Oh my Kallo it's been awhile since you've been here, you've gotten so big.

Holly: (embarrassed) Mom!

Kallo: It's ok Holly, thank you for letting me stay here Mrs. Little.

Mrs. Murano: Kallo you can come over anytime, Holly’s been wanting you to come over for weeks now, but she never asked.

Holly: Mom!

Mrs. Murano: (sarcastic) Oops.

Holly: Ugh!

Mrs. Murano: Oh Holly you've been friends with Kallo ever since you were 4 so you don't need to feel embarrassed around him.

Kallo: (laughs) She’s right you don't need to be embarrassed.

Holly: Yeah I know, but my mother embarrasses me alot.

Mrs. Murano: I do not, only when you're around Kallo.

Holly: Mom!

Mrs. Murano: (Laughs)

{Mrs. Murano heads into the kitchen to start making dinner, Holly and Kallo sit on the couch}

Mrs. Murano: I'm making chicken and dumplings so it will be about 45 minutes!

Holly + Kallo: Ok!

Kallo: Your mom makes the best chicken and dumplings.

Holly: Yeah she is the best cook ever.

Kallo: So what do you want to do.

Holly: Idk, wanna go sit on the roof?

Kallo: Like we used to do.

Holly: Yeah.

Kallo: Ok you lead.

{They head off to Holly’s room and they climb out of her window to get onto the roof and they lay there looking at the sky}

Holly: It sure is beautiful, the stars are so pretty.

Kallo: Yeah the way the moon shines in the night it's amazing.

Holly: So you said earlier that you were planning for the future, and I know you want a good job, but what would the job you want require?

Kallo: I want to be a chemist and that requires me to go to college and get my bachelors degree, and I was thinking about going to this real nice college, but there's just one thing.

Holly: What?

Kallo: I would have to move.

Holly: (Thinks) Why Kallo, why would you leave I need you. You don't care for me you just care about your own stupid future well what about my future, you’d leave me here alone and not give a care in the world. (In tears) Fine go ahead and leave see if I care.

Kallo: (Shocked) Wait let me fin...

Holly: (Crying) It's not like you care.

{Holly gets down from the roof and runs off}

Kallo: Holly! Come back!

{Kallo proceeds to get down, Kallo tries to run after her}

Kallo: Holly!

Kallo: Please!

Kallo: (Soft voice) Come back.

{Kallo looks for Holly, 30 minutes have passed and he finds Holly sitting on a swing set crying}

Kallo: (Relieved) Holly.

Holly: (Crying) Just go I wanna be left alone.

{Kallo sits on the swingset next to Holly}

Kallo: I'm sorry, but I just can't do that.

Holly: (Cries)

Kallo: I'm with you to the end.

Holly: (gasps)(Thinks) He remembers.

Holly: (In tears) But I thought you wanted to go to that nice college you were talking about, I thought you were gonna leave me here alone.

Kallo: Holly!

Holly: (In tears) What?

Kallo: I wont leave if you don't want me to, i’ll stay here with you and never leave.

Holly: Really?

Kallo: Of course.

{Kallo hugs Holly}

Kallo: I care about you Holly and I will always put you above anything, we’re friends to the end and nothing will ever separate us.

Holly: (Cries) Thank you Kallo.

Kallo: It's ok i'm here for you.

{Kallo looks at the stars and started singing a song his mother sang to him before bed}

{When you wish upon a star

It makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

If you're heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star

Your true love will find where you are}

Holly: (Shocked) Kallo?

Kallo: Yes Holly?

Holly: That was beautiful.

Kallo: Thank you, my mother used to sing it to me.

Kallo: It gave me hope that id find someone to be with.

Holly: It gives me hope too.

Kallo: I'm sorry.

Holly: For what?

Kallo: For putting you through this I didn't mean to make you upset.

Holly: It's ok Kallo it wasn't your fault, it was mine for thinking of the wrong reasons.

Holly: Hey Kallo?

Kallo: Yeah?

Holly: I…(interrupted)

Holly: Mother texted me foods ready.

Kallo: Ok.

[On their way home]

Kallo: So what were you gonna say before you're mother texted?

Holly: Oh, I forgot.


© Copyright 2018 Brycen Osborne. All rights reserved.

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