Reason I Cry At Night

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The ONLY reason i cry at night :)

Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018



I was and still am a very simple child. Never asked for anything really. Even if I did ask for something there was not a chance I would of gotten it. I am a middle child and it sucks. People say being the oldes is the worst because you have to raise a child you never wanted. Well, middle children got raised by the older sibling and had to raise the younger one. 

I love animals and my favorite animal is a horse. First time I asked for a horse was the year 2008. I asked a horse for the Christmas and I got a dog instead... Not what I wanted but I wasn't mad about it. I still aked for a horse every holiday and birthday. For my 10th birthday i asked for a horse and my mom said to pick something else or I wouldnt get anything for my bday. I didn't get anything for that birthday or any birthday 'till this day. 

Last year I got enough money to buy myslef a horse and my parents didn't allow it. even tho it was my own money. We have a barn and I have the money, time and knowledge to own a horse. I've riden a horse before and I know how to ride.

Ever since I wanted a horse I would cry if I didn't got him. And I still cry. I still cry because I didn't get the approval to get myself a horse. I'm still young to move out and get my own house and a horse but I'm hoping it'll happen one day.


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