you made me small

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Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018



You stopped making me feel beautiful Replacing that thought with being an object Played with Broken into little pieces to mess with Truth be told You stopped making me feel human let alone beautiful a long time ago

I hadn't noticed either That I had stopped loving you Those feelings fleeting Missing Stopped thinking of you But how you tried to roam me But never quite succeeded When I told you NO Never listening, you tried somewhere else Uncomfortable for month’s

That hungry sadistic look Consuming the chocolate of your eyes A seductive lick of the cupid's bow of your lips I no longer felt safe in your gaze No longer felt home in those arms I was trapped Like a butterfly pinned By it’s wing’s for you to study To try and break You made me small Microscopic Afraid Not living

I no longer see your tainted mask But how you snuffed out the light The night you showed me your true colors for the first time I can still hear your hair raising voice Saying obscene things licking at my ear drums

Thanks to you I’m now a statistic You sadistic monster dubbed me that Disgusting dirty hands Covered in the others you have destroyed Dehumanized Did you know that’s a step in to genocide The genocide of comfort Being human Being anything more than a toy For a horny boy

BUT I’m not a f---ing victim Your name does not own my lip’s Your hand’s never reached my soul Never tainted it Never grazed it You found my safe place But I moved on from there and built a new one Where you’re not welcome I’m not afraid of you Not anymore

The depressing thought is that I’m not alone People are not owned but destroyed By others like you mortified Horrified And again dehumanized

The unknown climbing of numbers Continue to skyrocket passed the hundreds Reaching galaxies we have yet to understand The numbers as unknown as our own ocean

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