The Fight Is Over And Now I'm Great

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For years I've struggled with addiction to porn and no matter how hard I'd try I couldn't overcome it but I finally did and it's great

Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018



There is one thing I’d always fight, seemed like I could never see the light

I’d say it’s no big deal, never knew it was so real

To the internet I would go, to view things that were all for show

It took over my life, I always thought it was nice

All for pleasure, honestly wish I’d have said never

An addiction is what it became, I’m ashamed

Every day was the same, without it I was like an animal that couldn’t be tamed

At least now I’m done, I can finally say I won

I’m leaving it in the past, never will I go back

I thank all for the support, without you I’d have fell short

You live and learn, but still know the burn

Porn is something that is bad, it made my life a destructive path

It’s something to never view, this is my truth to you

Now it’s over, I thank God for this closure

Now it’s time to move on, with the worst part gone

I can say I’m now free, and be what I want to be

It took a long time, but thankfully I’m now fine


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