Skin Prison

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Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018



Whistles of approval echo in a pretty little head,

But the girl locked inside feels nothing but dread.

There's a new toy for grabby little boys. 

But there's a catch, 

There's a person attached. 

But boys don't seem to care they just want to play with her hair.

Each grab of her butt feel like a stab to her heart.

As she screams and cries out, 

You're tearing me apart. 

But her lips are sealed shut. 

From inside she calls out someone please set me free

I'm worth more than the skin laid over me.

I'm a person, a human, I still have a soul.

Look past the skin and into the soul 

And see the person locked deep inside. 

A person God made worth more than her rear.

A person made to love and hold people near.

A person worth more than diamonds and gold. 

Someone always willing ot be a hand to hold.

Just look past this skin prison

See the person society has locked up inside. 

I've been here the whole time.

I'm not trying to hide.

I'm not the whore that people have shut behind this door. 

I'm a human at my core. 

I feel, I love, I hurt, I cry,

And people don't see that I'm dying inside. 

Locked behind this skin prison. 


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