to kill your heart

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Do you want to kill your heart? kill anyone and your heart will be killed

Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018



In a big hall there were too many people sitting in the chairs then they stood up greeting a young man about twenty-eight wearing a black suit with a black hair then they sit again and he started to speak saying :
"Ladies and gentlemen I'm happy to see this number of people here today . My name is Eyad. I will tell you about Tim's story. I will tell from the beginning. About fifteen years ago there were many people were killed around the world there were many assassinations and many innocent people were killed , So a group of people who call for freedom wanted to punish every administrator of every kill process. They started to kill the person who the criminal loves because of his crime .They used modern ways to know the person who the criminal loves so much from his heart .They called themselves peace organization .It was terrible right? But when the idea succeeded people liked it around the world because no more injustice in courts ,So the majority stopped crime because they were scare of what will happen to the people they care about them and there was a great peace on earth .But there was a man called Tim no one know about him except this name .Nothing was known about his antecedent .He was a professional killer .He was a client with an expensive price . He made many assassinations , but peace organization couldn't know the person that Tim loves to kill him and they couldn't catch Tim. He was always hidden .One day there was a weak boy was hit by some bully teenagers . Tim saw them then appeared his gun .After they had watched the gun ,they escaped .The scared boy stood hardly and followed Tim .Tim was angry and looked at the boy "Don't follow me" he said . The boy replayed "but I don't have any place to go to " then Tim said nervously "I don't care just go away" then Tim walked and the boy didn't listen to him and followed him again. Tim didn't speak to the boy again and treated him in a bad way and he always kicked the boy if he come closer . Somehow the boy was eating good food witch Tim let and no boys bothered him again , So the boy thought it is better for him . The boy noticed that Tim was disappear when the boy sleeps so one day when the boy slept or actually he demonstrated sleeping. Tim leaved an old building and quietly the boy followed him for a long distance .Suddenly he heard a big noise of shots the boy hid behind a smashed wall then Tim was running he was escaping but suddenly he saw the boy hiding .Not only Tim who saw the boy .Men in blue saw him too. Suddenly something happened they were amazed they looked in their instruments .Tim was shocked and he didn't move for a while he didn't know what should he do. Suddenly one of the men shouted "attack the boy " unexpectedly Tim jumped over the boy protecting him .it seemed that the person who Tim care about was the boy .The bad treatment to the boy from Tim was protecting him . The boy was me ladies and gentlemen. Amm…" then Eyad stopped talking and tried not to cry then he take a breath and continued "with too many shots were fallen on us Tim take all the shots in his body slowly for the first time he looked at me and smiled "Have a clear life little boy " he said . It was the first time that he says anything to me after our first meeting .He was holding me strongly then his body was so heavy then I didn't hear any shots all the men disappeared .They had shot his heart so that I was free . I continued my life strongly. I joined peace organization . I changed the basic role .Now the killer will be killed .No more innocent people will be killed . I don’t justify the crimes which Tim commit ,but I want you care of feelings . It is so important . I'm hear to say : Have a clear life people "

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