Formless Gods Of Chaos

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A piece for you Lovecraft fans out there.

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018




Seeping through cosmic rifts


Their beings always seeming to shift


From realms of madness  beyond time


Conjuring uncomprehendable crimes


A presence malevolent 


Tempting lies seemingly benevolent 

Arcane entities arelurking behind the veil


Insanity ready to tips the scales


Of our meaningless existence


Within the blackest center of doom


Are beings felt in every reality's room


At the center of ultimate madness


Is a reason for a pale mortal's sadness


Lies the infernal dominion in which they dwell


A realm beyond Heaven and Hell


You're right to be paranoid



Against the lords of the void


Reigning in chaos eternal


Devouring humanity's paternals



Blasphemous tomes have spoken of ritualized chambers


Written in blood telling of the unkown danger


Where maddening rhythms pulsate 


Singing a symphony of ungodly hate


Each verse the lyrics of a mad bard and his lute


Can you hear the fife of its discordant flutes?


Forever shrieking in disharmony

A priest from the house of Carmony


A fool who dare commune with them


Who wishes to be a slave to their whim



Or to merely speak their forbidden names


Lest to become a pawn in the chaotic game



For the torment they bring is beyond mortal pain



Ageless horrors perverse and profane



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