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Dark It's So Dark Help Me

Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018



Cell “Get in there.” I hear. I can’t see. It's too dark. I was thrown forward. I hear the grating of rusted metal. A door. A metal door. I realize I can't see because it's pitch black in here. I think I'm in a cell. I can't tell how big or how small it is. I feel around until I touch a wall. It's smooth, cold. My eyes finally adjust to the dark. It's seems like it's just me. There is a faint light coming through the door but nothing else. No windows, no bars on the doors. I was completely alone. I calmed myself down and began to think. How did I get here? I can’t remember. I… I…

I can't remember anything.

Who am I? I rack my brain for anything. A name, a face, but nothing came up. I don't even remember what I look like. The lack of light removes most color from my surroundings. I can’t hear anything. Only my breathing and my heartbeat. My inhales and exhales echo off the walls. What time is it? It's too dark. I pat my body. I feel jeans. I check my pockets and found a wallet. I fumble it open. Two cards fell out onto the floor. I fell around my feet until my fingers curl around it. Feels like a credit card. I pick it up. I can't see anything on it. I crawl towards the crack in the door. I put the card in the faint glow. I can make out the name. Phil Jackson. A dull name. I grab the other card, in the light it looks like an i.d, although I can't make anything out. I toss the cards aside. What else is in that wallet. I look through the wallet, and its various pockets. Nothing much besides some money, some cigarettes and a piece of paper. I put the paper under the light and it said, GET MILK, in very messy handwriting. I put the wallet down. I decided to focus on what I look like. I felt my face, my skin was very soft. I felt my hair, and was very confused. It was long and fine, like a woman’s. Then I thought, What gender am I? I can't even remember that. I remember the credit card. With a name like that, I have to be male, right? But then what about my face, my hair. I then realize how I have to check. I unbuckle my pants.

No doubt about it, I’m female.

I stood back up. I felt my chest. Not much there. I must be younger. I walk to the door, I try to open it, but there was no handle. I kick the door, the echo was nearly deafening. I tried yelling, but nothing came out. I tried speaking, but nothing. The most I could get out was a faint, coarse whisper. I sat down against the wall. Will I ever get out of here? I thought as I began to silently sob, until I drifted off into sleep. My dreams and reality became fused. I would dream of that door opening, of freedom, and then I would wake up, without any sign of the progression of time. Occasionally I would wake up from a dream to a tray of boiled potatoes and a cup of water. When I woke up the next time, the tray and cup are both gone. The light under the door never waivers, never flickers. I don't know how long I've been in here. A day? A month? A year? Who knows? I say as I munch on my potato. “I know” a voice says.

I wake up I silently scream. I cry I sleep I wake up I eat. I sleep It was like this for a while, until She came.

I woke up and she was in the corner near the light. Her shadow in the light was one of a teenager, with slender legs, and short hair. The contents here pockets were spilled on the floor. Coins and money littered the ground. I crawled up to her and tapped her shoulder. The jumped and crawled away. “Who are you? Tell me!” She screamed. I saw a pocket knife clutched in her hand. I tossed her the credit card. She looked at the name in the light. “Phil Jackson. What is this, some sick joke? You’re obviously a woman!” I shrug. “Well Phil. What do you know about this place?” I shrug. “Is that all you can do? Shrug?” I point at my throat and shake my head “You can't speak?” I nod. “Oh” She said, lowering the knife. “Well, I’m…. I’m… uh…..haha...um… I don’t know. I don't remember anything” I nod knowingly. “Same with you?” I nod. All of the sudden, she ran at me, and stabbed me in the chest. I woke up. I chose to scream I could scream now I want to scream I want to scream I want to die The light is flickering The room filled with light But the door was not open The Wall opened up There was a forest I ran through it But I would never be free Even in the forest I know it was not real I was still in the cell Screaming Never stopping I tore my vocal chords I’m bleeding from my mouth The agony I went from screaming to gurgling I’m drowning I’m dying I’m in a lake in the forest. Drowning The door opened A man grabbed me I saw his face His name tag It said Phil Jackson He was saying something He was saying Rebecca Was is my name Am I Rebecca Who cares My name is Phil That's all I remember I can't hear over the screaming The echos The girl with the knife is laughing Laughing at me No one laughs at me The light blinds me The screaming deafens me The light blinds me I taste blood All I feel is like Dying My wish came true I’m dead Who's to say I was alive The cell never existed Phil never existed I never existed Only madness Only mad ness Only a body on the floor I stole this body I love the pain i love the madness

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