Dear Life

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Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018



Dear Life,

How can your smile stretch so thin?

As if merriness is one with you, and you kiss her ‘good night’ beside you?


How do you rest so pleasantly,

As if nightmares were fiction the humans created?



Why do you skip to my house, poise your hand to knock, and when I answer, you let the storm inside? Leaves blow askew throughout my living room, and you soak the floor.


Every time I answer, “come in, make yourself at home.”

And never once question slamming the door.


Every time you enter. And Here You Are!

Comfy on my couch, as if my home, were your home,


You race into my room only to carry out a sundress,

Dancing with her as if you’ve found a lost lover,

Whirling to the tune of the wind before letting her float to the floor,

Taking me into your hands,

And spin until the room moves with us,

Losing ourselves in laughter.


The next moment you’re in my kitchen,

Opening cupboards and closing them just as sporadically,

Before taking out every spoon in the drawer.


And now you’ve found my pantry,

The mop becoming your microphone as you sing with it,

Leaving the floor swept spotless.


Why do I never turn you away?

Instead I give you shelter, and try to make peace with you.


You weigh on my heart like a gold metal,

Grateful for your presence,

Yet still a weight to bare.


And here you are at midnight,

Flickering my lights as I lay awake in bed.

Why do you play these little games?



Your Landlord

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