We Wondrous Kids: Book 1 of the 9 Empires series Saga # 1: Ethel-Hyme

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On the planet of Theogas in a universe overseen by Gods that govern every planet in existence 8 young teens have succumb to the grip of a war that is brewing. An event is taking place that
victimizes the Gods themselves and affects the very fabric of the universe as a whole. Each of the teens dies during a moment in their life, called by the gods to fight as their vessels due to an
eternal pact with the mortal world to not intervene directly with their affairs. But as each teen dies they are thrown into a realm that their bibles and their history books did not describe. The
realm of the dead has fallen victim to a plague and danger is a constant companion to them all. Strange creatures exist here instead of the spirits of the mortal fallen. Kirkoff, Bobby, Chase,
Mverily-Schrong, Test, Desmond, Timothy and Abigail have all become the Tributary of the Gods; hero’s who fought in the first Sheeniad war for the gods but vanished mysteriously after the war was
won. Now each of these new chosen must navigate the dangers of the realm of the dead; the Inner-Realm and escape as they learn of their destinies and attempt to survive so that they might fulfill
their destinies, or at least see their loved ones back in the realm of the living. But life is never so simple or as straight forward as these teens might believe and danger and secrets lurk within
ever corner of their new lives.

This is the Novel I will be sending for publishing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Submitted: August 26, 2018

Kirkoff awakens in the Mansion of the Mirage and lives his life.
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Chapter 2

Submitted: September 19, 2018

All of the boys cried out their rage and frustrations. Screams of pain and aggressAll of the boys cried out their rage and frustrations. ... Read Chapter

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