As the nature talks

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this poem is about how I perceive the different hues of nature and how that gets integrated in my psyce

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



Looking outside the window,

I sense a mighty presence

As if the wind whispers to me

Pondering over my quiscence


When the sun awakens after a long time

My soul feels lively

my eyes befriend my smile

waving to the wind fondly


when the sun is up bright and fresh

I sigh! with an unknown melancholy

The wind bids adieu to me

Leaving like a transient glory


As the dark clouds surround the firmament

I feel strong and bold

The wind ,the trees give a tinkling laugh as if they know 

What the future holds.


I resist an uncanny happiness

As the evening descends slowly

My heart feels the warmth of the breeze

soothing my soul smoothly


As the nature talks,

I see the world in its beauty

I rejuvenates me everyday

And I feel I have a long way towards my duty.






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