What we learned from the sun

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Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



What We Learned From The Sun:


All my life I have been looking for me

Saying If I had a heart where would I be?

Somewhere where the sun has set for all eternity 

the petals of every flower are stretching towards me 

Through the darkness they can still see

For my light shines bright 

And my love is their only hope 

Their only chance to survive 

If only they knew that I am a flower too

That same sun that has set on me has set on you. 

If I don’t believe there is light inside of me, I will be just like every other flower. 

Looking outward to a sun that has lost its energy to save me.

We have relied on the sun far too long

To keep us present, current like the waves of the ocean. 

We have forgotten about our roots, remember?

The things that keep us grounded and connected to the earth.

We have grown from dirt.

We get our life from the soil.

We get our light from the fires that forged us. 

So I say to these wilted flowers, who are reaching out to me, ready to use me just as they have used the sun, what happens when I run out?

If I give my light to all of you, I will lose my iridescence.

But If we take time to see through the darkness we can all find our own light

Then again we will illuminate the sky

And that is what we have learned from the sun.

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