Another World (Futuristic Forest)

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I wrote this, in 2018. It's part of my 10th poem set, Remembering Relapse.

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



Adventuring, into, the darkness, of, space, there, were, many, physical, obstacles, for, her, to overcome.

She, also, had, to find, ways, to let, go, of, her, past, and, its emptiness, as, she, explored, the depths, of, the unknown.

After, numerous, intergalactic, experiences, she, found, it, within, herself, to birth, a world, from, her, inner, emotions.

Another, world, where nature, can flourish, and, become, something, that, wasn't, possible, on, her, home, planet.

The beginning, of, her, fantastic, fortress, that, she, would call, her, futuristic, forest.

She, begun to, explore, its contents, and, unlocked, barriers, that, had been, somehow, set, into, a closed, position.

However, she, soon, discovered, that, she, wasn't, powerful, enough to, maintain, her, vibrant, utopia.

She, sealed, her, world, and, ventured, off, to find, other, beings, to help, in, her, quest, of, perfecting, her, abilities.

Searching, vigorously, she, inevitably, discovered, interesting, lifeforms, with, intelligence, that, was, incredible.

She, begun to, slowly, gain, the knowledge, and understanding, that, she, needed, to unlock, her, full, potential.

After, parting, ways, with, the aliens, she, decided, to try, to create, an entire, universe, alone, and, was, surprisingly, successful, in, her, attempt.

She, restored, her, futuristic, forest, and, upgraded, it, to a precious, wilderness, even, more, fitting, for, her, needs, of, connection.

As, time, passed, in, her, precious, wilderness, she, finally, mastered, the skill, to focus, her, energy, to view, places, far, away, from, her, current, location.

Visually, when, she, activated, this, power, it, looked, like, streams, of, light, were, coming, out, of, her, forehead, in, a hypnotizing, formation.

She, used, this, energy, to find, more, species, in, other, universes, across, the galaxy, and, communicating, with, those, through telepathy.

Trying to, help, those, that, were, lost, or, searching, for, a new, home, as, well, as, informing, civilizations, that, already, lived, on, planets, about, her, marvelous, universe.

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