a tall furry christmas tail

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christmas fantasy short story

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



A Tall Furry Christmas Tail


By Jill Marie Steffen


December 24, 2017





















Oh, what a fun weekend the village dwellers had that June. Why a traveling circus had come with all the excitement and wonder. There were wild animals, clowns, and exotic foods, but the most amazing of all were two little people in the show.  Why they never had seen grown men the height of a chair. And oh, the magic they seemed to have made. For it almost looked as if a tiger had turned into a dove, and it almost looked as if a shoe turned into a horse. Yes, indeed it was a wonderful show the village dwellers watched that night of

June 23rd, 1857.


As the village dwellers slept into the night, the circus had packed up all their things, boarded their train, and rode off to the next village and show to be done…. all but two little men that somehow missed their train. But how, and why, and where did they go? As morning broke the village dwellers woke to a day that was anything but normal. For it was June 24th and the land was covered in snow, but how could that be?  As they looked closer they watched as water was running up the mountain, and as they jumped back why off were the mice chasing cats. It was as if everything was turned upside down…. but why?



Far up in the mountains the two little men woke, each rubbing a very sore and large bump on their heads.  What on earth had happened they thought?  The circus show ended as normal, and the other circus performers were packing as normal, they turned the dove back to a tiger as normal, but when they were at the horse and tried to say shoe a terrible sneeze came over them so the word came out instead as….aaahhh shhooee in a sneeze. For you see the more they kept trying, the worse their sneeze became until the very last aaaaaahhhhh sssshhhhooooeeee blew them right up the mountain where they bumped their heads and out for the night they went.



As the little men stood and brushed off the snow that had fallen on them they suddenly looked up and saw the most beautiful woman ever, all except well she was upside down.  "Forgive me for bringing you here but I seemed to have run into a problem", she said to them.  Now, although little in height, and raised by a circus, the men knew better than to ask any woman ever what they were thinking, or in this case what on earth this lovely looking woman had done to make herself upside down. Naturally, Mother Nature was also not about to explain what she might have done, and instead went directly into what she needed the little men to do for her.  They were told to find a house just outside the village, enter inside, and look for a workshop within. Inside the workshop they were to find four fairies, one blue for the sky, one green for earth, one red for fire, and the last silver for air.  The fairies were to be placed on the floor in the directions of north, east, south, and west. The rest she said would be done by her.


The little men stood, looked down the mountain and blew out a heavy sign.  Mother nature looked at them and said, "wait for I am not finished yet". You see mother nature knew she was the reason for the little men losing the only family they ever had and work they could ever do, and what life could they anymore live?  So, as she asked them for help, the only fair thing would be to help them in return.  So, she told them she would grant three wishes in exchange.  The two little men sat for some time talking, sometimes nodding their head in agreement and sometimes shaking their heads to say no, but finally three mutual wishes they had ready.  First, they asked to please no longer be little humans for what life is that and well humans were not always nice. But instead they wished to be tall furry dogs for of all the animals in the circus the most loyal, lovable, and dependable were the dogs.  Secondly, they wished to stay together for as they were born together they could not think of ever being apart.  And the last wish was for different names.

For you see at birth when their parents gave them away they left them with the names of Dingus and Duffus.  As mother nature held in a laugh at the last wish, she smiled and said so shall it come to pass.


And so, time passed as it always does, and all remained the same. Hardly was it ever even talked about of the tale of the great circus of the summer of 1857 and how the legend was told of two midgets that disappeared after visiting the town, and how a home woke to finding four ornaments on their floor, and how once it was claimed that it would snow in December, and how the water would flow down the great mountains and of all things how cats used to chase mice.


And so once again we enter onto a normal December 24th with all the heat one could try to live in.  Just outside the peaceful village a couple left their home for a nice drive into the countryside to try and cool off.  As they drove they talked and talked and talked until they suddenly realized the sun was setting.  As they looked around they could not recognize any of the landscape to understand where on earth they had rode to. Oh, said the woman lets drive into the village I see up ahead and ask where we might be.  As they parked their car and began walking, every shop was closed but one at the far end of town.  Walking to the door, the young woman inside was just starting to turn the store sign from open to closed.  Wait the couple yelled as they ran up to the building. As the couple entered the store they could not help but stare. For the young woman had the bluest of blue eyes ever seen, and her hair, well one could call it blond, but is was so blond it was white. No, it was so white why it looked the color of silver almost.  As the young woman turned to close the store door it almost looked as if her dress was not quite touching the floor. Now for the dress, it was the expectant colors of red and green of the holidays, but why it was so long it covered her feet, and the sleeves were so long one could not see even her hands. And in such heat to wear this clothing…. strange. 


As the young woman spoke to the couple she said what they believed to be the standard greeting of "good evening how can I help you?", and yet the couple almost thought they instead heard the young woman say, "good evening how can you help me?"……strange. The couple tried to explain to the young woman that they might be a little lost for they have never seen or heard of this village they are in.  As they mentioned where they were from, the young woman shook her head for she had never heard of the village they were from either…. strange.  Well it is Christmas Eve thought the couple and so while here they might as well look around and see if there was something of interest to purchase. The shelves were stocked with the oddest things as if it was maybe a general store one would have found years ago. For there were bins of bulk grains, and lard, and wait what was in the back room running about but a huge litter of puppies.  As the couple walked to the back room why yes indeed it was a room full of furry gray and black puppies.  As the couple talked silently to each other they agreed that they would purchase and bring home one of the adorable little pups.  As they turned to look behind them they saw the young woman in the other part of the store. They looked at each other for they could have sworn they heard the store clerk just behind them say "that was not the agreement"…..strange.


As the couple looked at all the puppies two literally stood out from the litter for why they were almost a head taller than the rest. Oh, thought the couple, could we?... should we?...Oh yes yes we will somehow make it work as they picked up the two very tall puppies to bring to the counter. As the young woman brought out the puppies birth papers she read aloud there dates of birth, weight, and names……Dingus and Duffus.  Oh, the couple slapped their hands on their legs and laughed aloud. Who on earth would name puppies Dingus and Duffus?


Oh, said the woman as she held up one, you cannot spend your life with the name Dingus for now you will be named Gretchen for you are the pearl of my life.  Oh, said the man as he held up the other puppy and said you cannot spend your life with the name Duffus for now you will be named Spirit to match the life I see in you. 


And as the young woman drew a line through each former name and wrote the new ones something magical suddenly occurred. Why wait said the couple as they went to the store window and gazed out, for it almost seems like…. wait yes, why it was snowing outside. Snow in December they said out loud and looked at each other…..strange.  


The couple began driving back the way they came, for what else does one do when lost but go back the way they came.  As the road turned why right before them was their village….and when they turned their heads to look back why all they saw were the mountains…..strange.  Approaching their house they looked in wonder for why the water almost seemed like…. why yes, the water was flowing down from the mountains not up.  Ah they jumped back as they watched a cat rush by chasing a mouse…..strange. And far up in the mountains the most beautiful of women to see shook her long hair once again down her back in relief.


And thus, the legend of that Christmas had begun, for which years from now it would fondly be called "A Tall Furry Christmas Tail".




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