Deadly Silence

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Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



It Haunts me in my sleep,

It taunts me in my wake,

It stabs me repeatedly,

The same wound dug deeper.


It freezes me,

It never eases ever,

It drains my eyes,

The same knowledge repeated harsher.


It beats me internally,

It eats at me,

It bleeds me dry,

The same emmptiness spreading.


My emotions,

My burdens,

No one to share my load,

It's a silence that kills.


I sit in a small dark corner,

My body is sick and weak,

I scrutinize myself,

I can't show my feeelings.


I need someone,

My lungs stop pumping,

I force myself to breathe,

It hurts terribly.


I die to tell someone,

my tears disobey me,

I have failed,

I can't let my feelings be seen.


I tell myself the truth,,

My soul dies inside,

I am truely alone,

It hurts like a reopened wound.

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