Bed Time

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A one shot of something I just thought up, I hope you all enjoy it. Please pardon any grammar mistakes I'm not the best with them.

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



The young woman adjusted her glasses, her legs sprawled out on her red sofa. Her chocolate eyes scanned the pages that were littered with her unusually messy handwriting. She covered her mouth muffling a yawn as she rubbed her eyes blinking, trying to keep them open. Her eyes shifted feeling something down by her ankles, she looked up from the loose pages to be greeted by her colorful feline friend. She greeted her owner with a long drawn out meow as if she were trying to tell her to go to bed.


The woman just smiled wearily muffling another yawn.


“No sweetie, not yet.” She spoke to the cat who meowed in response. She paid no mind to the feline, turning her attention back to her papers, continuing to read over them for any mistakes. Unfortunately for her it was already midnight and she’d only gotten through half the pages of her book that she had to finish proofreading. Meanwhile her cat Sweetie, hopped off the couch and scurried off into her bedroom in search of help; Seeing as her owner would not listen.


Hardly hearing the muffled footsteps behind her the woman paused looking over her shoulder. Her eyes slowly and dryly moving up until she was looking into the eyes of her worried boyfriend.


“Oh, hey love..” She said through another yawn that she was too slow to stop.


He sighed leaning down to get a better look at his girlfriends face. Her eyelids where half open, her chocolate eyes looked blurry and out of focus; She looked like she’d fall asleep at any moment and he knew she would because she wasn’t a night owl like him.  


“Princess,” He began, looking to persuade her into coming to bed. “Why don’t you come to bed? You can finish this tomorrow.” He tugged at the papers trying to free them from her small hands. However her grip only tightened when she realized what he was trying to do. “Princess please?” He pleaded giving her a look which usually worked.


“Nnnnno!” She replied in a pouting expression holding the loose papers close to her chest like a child refusing to give up their favorite toy. He looked at her for a moment, finding her childish behavior adorable. But it was nothing new to him, she’d always become more childish when she grew sleepy like she was now.


With a sigh he rolled his turquoise eyes that never real stayed the same color.


“That’s it,” He declared snatching the stack of papers from his girlfriend.


“Hey!” She whined trying to grab the papers back but unfortunately her boyfriend will always be taller than her.


“Come on princess,” He said with a smile, putting the papers on a shelf somewhere she couldn’t reach them; Not that she had enough energy to even try right now. She folded her arms together, pouting again, turning away from her boyfriend.


“Rawr!” He said playfully picking his girlfriend up bridal style earning a small smile from her.


“Stop…” She groaned trying to push him away but giving up after a second and just curling up against his chest. He chuckled thinking how adorable she was right now.


“Come on princess let’s go to bed.” He turned, carrying her into their bedroom and setting her down on their bed. She was grumbling behind him as he went over to turn off their TV that he was previously watching some new anime on. He turned back to her, she was rolling around on the bed completely messing it up.


“Princess…” He groaned a little, “I just fixed that.”


She sat up suddenly, staring at him, her shoulders sloughed and her head hung low like a dog that was in trouble. “Oh…..I’m sorry….”

“No no no! It’s okay.” He said at her side in a second. “Don’t be sad princess.” He said brushing his hand against her face. She hesitated but looked up meeting his concerned eyes.


“How can I be sad if you're here?” He groaned but smiled.


“That’s it go to bed.” He said throwing the blanket over her head. He got up planning to head to the other spare bedroom that had been turned into their gaming room. He wasn’t quite tired yet so he would hop on rainbow six siege for a few hours with his friend from high school, and he’d try to be as quiet as he could so his princess could sleep. However before he even left their bed he felt his arm being grabbed.


He looked at his girlfriend who had his arm, rather tightly, her eyes on the blanket. He smiled feeling his heart jump. He sat back down beside her,


“You don’t want me to go, do you?” She shook her head quietly. “Okay, I’ll stay here until you fall asleep.” He gave her a hug that she returned; She smiled happy to be in her boyfriend's arms.


It was only thirty minutes when his girlfriend had finally fallen asleep, but he too had fallen asleep next to her.

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