The Infernal Prophet

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Even Hell had prophets.

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



I descended from the Mount Sinai

The Nazerene's follower's end is nigh


Unleash the splendour upon a scroundel mob

Preaching the commandments to kill,maim,rape,and rob


To shelter where there is no messianic light


The kingdom Pandemonium of Lucifer's might


Drove one single ray into the pulp of life


To flip the cross and end our stife


Oh sweet Salome I beckon thee


I offer myself upon my knee


Bring forth thy heinous offer


Use the souls of the wicked to fill the coffer



Without thy love we feel incomplete


Our very souls are swept off their feet



Corrupt me with your indignity


Free me with visons of thy cold heart's frigidity


I decompose in all rapture of hells


Rotted flesh falling off to time's death knells


Dissolve and disintegrate


In death I give visions of hate


I am yours forever to show

In euphoria below


At faintest whim they would impale the sun


To see the withering of Christ's priest and nun


And thus the sheep in me became the wolf in man


Now we prey on the weak from the van



I am the fly that flew forth from the ark


To seek Noah's fall and corrupt the song's of Nazerene's lark



My thoughts like insects swarm


Hellfire in my veins keeping me close to him and warm


Against my nemesis divine


Been bored with cosmos my dear old foe


This universe has never been enough of a show


Compelled to liberate the spring of life


And poison the waters with seeds of strife


When the levee breaks gush forth of stream of ice

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