A Winner Every Time

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A game at the fair. Win prizes beyond your wildest imaginings.

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



Gather ‘round, one and all

Hear my message, so pleasant

it’s your chance at last, a unique chance you’ll find

So foolish to decline, a winner every time

little Bobby, sweet Suzie, bring your parents closer

The prizes I hold will lift their sagging faces,

They’ll recall the lives that were taken, failing to replace it

That’s where you come in, dear ones

It’s your chance to mend it, a feat made simple

No longer be resented, thoughts left bitter

Win this prize, an animatronic animal

Assuredly a fantastical addition to any household

With its preconditioned coat, watch for the glisten,

Preoccupy yourselves with a friend who will listen

Sir, what a fine son!

An only child I expect? Any years of neglect?

Don’t be offended or saddened

Toys are my product, honest observation my passion,

Excuse me for stating it, but he does have a keen eye

With this new friend, his emptiness will subside

Will you let him try? Five attempts for a dollar

You shouldn’t bother pulling him away by the collar

He’ll be back, they always return for the chance at a friend,

They’re ignored by world, can’t you see it?

Please, good sir, don’t deny him this chance

To understand for the first time what it’s like to be loved,

To be respected and heard, don’t you agree he deserves it?

You, Madam! Your daughter looks keen to try

You both could benefit, I can see the contempt in your eyes for her

Let her win a companion for days both sunny and dark,

When you could be gambling, looking for friends of your own to be handling.

She surely wears you down with her crying, give her something that cares

A frog or a bear, here, there, and everywhere,

Surely, she needs it?

Her sadness obscene, dreaming serene of happiness unknown to her

Weighing down like a stone, allow her release with the toss of a ball,

You’ve made the right choice! See how her eyes are alive!

In her heart she knows what’s eluded her all of her life,

Is now within reach.

Now, young one, listen close and stand near

This is the demand most of them do not understand,

You see before you the display, the prize overhead,

The rules to play require a new direction,

A perception unique but most needed,

You see the jars there, but you must ignore them

Instead, target what you abhor and,

Everlasting companionship will be yours,

You’re confused, I can plainly see it

Let me whisper a hint then,

Think of the nights left alone,

The darkness howling its song,

Calling to you when no one else could console you

Who should’ve been there?

Brushing your hair, telling you not to be scared?

That’s it, the light of revelation

As plain a sensation if ever could be described

Now, when I give the signal, take aim and let fly,

I can see in your eyes that nothing has ever been more desired

Well done! A prize for the girl!

Folks, what did I say?

Is there any other way to the heart of a child?

Come, remove all concerns, mere nickels and dimes,

In this world,

A winner every time.

© Copyright 2019 A. G. Smith. All rights reserved.

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