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Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



"The Crawlspace Creature"


In 2001 a family of five moved into a small house in Toronto Canada. The house was two stories. 

With enough acres for the family. However when they moved in the realtors warned them that in the upstairs bedroom there was a crawlspace that was rumored to house something. The realtors said with a serious face. "Every family who have ever lived hear have experienced different things from lost food or property to seeing something that you just couldn't explain. 

The parents thanked them and shut the door not really believing them. Anyway months went on and no problems. Nothing happened until the night Tim had a project for school due. He got it done and left it on the counter in the kitchen and fell asleep. The next morning his project was gone. 

He told his parents. They weren't concerned and told him to tell his teacher his brother broke it and to give him till tomorrow and he'd get it done. That same day However the dads car keys disappeared and so did

Mothers purse along with a few other items. The dad went up to the attic and found the crawlspace. 

He signed a flashlight inside and sure enough there was his keys, along

With his wife's purse and some toys from the kids bedroom.

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