"All school assembly"

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Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



The year was 2005. I was in elementary school. My name is Nathan and I am in the sixth grade. It was one Friday afternoon in October the time was 1:45 and we were at an all school assembly. 

There was a man on the stage who was wearing a top hat and had on an orange shirt and was talking to us about the safety of stranger danger, and to not trust strangers and don't go into cars with people you don't know. He said his name was Dan. 

The school only had another twenty minutes before the final bell rang and we'd be able to go home. Dan instructed a girl and a boy to come up on stage, so they did. Dan asked if they knew each other? They said they did not. "Excellent" Dan said as he told the girl to go into the hall with the boy. There was a door close to the stage. 

The girl said "No." got scared. As the boy grabbed her hand. She got spooked and pushed the kid he fell off the stage and he started

To cry as Dan grabbed the boy and ran to the door. Just then the schools principle entered the building. And yelled out "are you all ok?" The students all looked at the principle with a confused look same with the teachers. The principle then said "that there was No assembly scheduled for today Dan was trespassing. 

The principle reported dan to the police and the police got back to him a few days later saying "other schools reported a man by that name as well and him and his boy attempt to kidnap students and take them away. Luckily he hasn't been able to get any students but he's still out there somewhere.

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