Through My Eyes

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A side story I wrote to help gain awareness for this kind of stuff going on around the world.

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



His name was Alex. Young and muscular, loved by everyone, understanding... he could make any kid giggle. Now? His ribs were sticking out, skin clinging limply to his bone as his body ate away at any remaining fat and muscle. It was dark, the wind was screaming outside. He never liked the sound of loud winds when he was on an empty stomach for the fact that all sounds seemed amplified when nothing was digesting. He doesn't remember the last time he ate, the last time he saw light, or felt the tender touch of a loving hand.

Alex felt like a dissappointment, waste of space, dumb excuse of intellegence, the list goes on; and on. The words echoed in his ears. Bright blue eyes now dulled and sunken in, ears cut, bruised, and swollen. He no longer smiled or no longer happily greeted people when they came home. 

His ears would tickle at the sound of the front door creaking open, fear bubbling up within his empty stomach as he backed into the room to crouch in the corner. Soon light attacked his dulled hues as the tall burly figure stood in the doorway, belt in hand. 

The shadowed figure advanced, knuckled turning white from the bone crushing grip he had on the leather accessory. Alex didn't know what to do, where to go. It always ended badly in the end, whether he struggled or not. So after what felt like hours, a gurgled sound dripped from his blackened bruised mouth like thick tar pushing and popping its way up to simply fountain down the corners of his lips. The sound itself respembled a mix of a hiss and a whimper, but after such an action Alex soon felt pain slam into his shoulder. The pain shot through the hollow of his bones like an electrical current, a satisfactory yelp protruding into the large mans ears, which prompted the man to raise his hand once more to simply drop over and over again in a barrage of attacks. 

Ribs, Jaw, Cranium, Spine, the targets randomized as the yelps, screams, and grunts barred off the wall, ringing in Alex's ears. Minutes of constant torture and beatings went on before he was left sprawled and broken on the floor, a large cut sitting elegantly along his right side, letting the thick red water pool effortlessly onto the concrete below. 

The burly figure stopped to look back at the injured figure; a scowl on his bearded features. Alex let out another whine. Why? Why did this happen? It was an act of abandonment. The man was alone, his wife leaving him whilst taking both children and half of the house's furnishings. What did Alex do though to deserve this? Nothing... he did nothing. Sunken optics glide over to his owner. 

"Pathetic mutt."

The only words spoken to him in months, ghosting over his ears as the door closed, englufing the canine in the taunting dark once more.


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