Boarding School Beginnings

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In the past few weeks, Hartfield has become more of a home to me than the place where I have spent the first thirteen years of my life living with my parents and brother. However, I have spent
half of my time here befuddled by the expectations and conversations around me. I spend much of my day wondering whether I actually belong here and waiting for someone to realize they have made a
mistake. School was never too difficult for me in the past; now, however, homework takes me hours, sometimes even days, to complete, and it still does not feel as if I have done it correctly. Since
starting Hartfield, I have been inundated with new vocabulary words. Sometimes I feel I am the only one who doesn’t understand what is going on. I find myself cowering from everyone, hoping the
teacher does not call on me, because I am so lost. Now that Melinda has adjusted to living at boarding school, she finds herself having to adjust to her challenging course load on top of her
extracurricular activities. As if that weren’t enough, Melinda has her first boyfriend! Can she handle life at boarding school?

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