Killing Luke

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This short story revolves itself around a girl named May who has the need to kill someone after a traumatizing experience.

Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



Chapter 1

You know the feeling right? But can you really remember it? Recall it?
The feeling of the exact moment you get a chill, the sweet taste of the perfectly ripe peach, the feeling you get when your shoes rub you the wrong way, the uncomfortable itch when a new pimple starts building itself on your forehead, when lemon gets into the small wounds around your fingernails, burns, heartbreak, death of a loved one, being misunderstood. What I am feeling now,however, I hope you will never feel. I hope you will never have this fast beating heartache, this pit in your stomach that won't seem to ever leave, this feeling of being dirty even after the tenth shower. The need to rip out your hair to stop the headache, the need to cut through your skin to feel again, the need to scream into a pillow until you see blood on the white linen sheet. It is like nothing can numb the pain I am feeling, the feeling like nothing sees me, no one hears me and no one understands me. Like nothing will save me and turn me back into who I was before all of this happened. No thought can get through my head without being infected with the memory of what occurred. I would do anything to feel the relief, to feel the dirt wash off as water hits my skin, to feel all the rotten fruit leave my teeth as I brush them, to feel warm when I cuddle into the covers, to have a clear mind. And nothing will do that. Nothing, but murder.
I am Celiné. I am 16 years old and I am going to kill someone, someone very specific.
It starts with a party. A party I would never attend without a big reason to. And that reason has to be very very important, like todays motive. Imagine the scene as I entered. It was a houseparty, like the usual rich household home, stairs built themselves up right in front of the entrance. The lighting is dimmed but the uncomfortably white furniture made the room light up. Loud obnoxious techno shit is playing in the background and a group of people were watching Tv to our right, through the doorless frame. I take a step into the room, a soft, grey carpet makes it hard to stand still,for I am wearing 12-cm heels. Even with them, I was smaller than average. I imagined the people were outside, since the voices I could here were muffled. I walked through the high-walled, modern, marble kitchen, through the white, glass door onto the tarass which was crammed with people. Skinny, tall girls in skimpy bikinis laying on childish floaties formed as ice cream and pizza floated along the chlorine pool,laughing as boys with stupid caps and bright red trainers showed off their abs. Red cups scattered everywhere, pizza boxes spread along the seats and table and bottles of beer, wine and wodka were placed along my sight.

Sylvia, the host had always been an acquaintance of mine. Although our differences, we found a way to get along. Now she was flirting with a guy that definitely was not her boyfriend, in her tight, pink and short dress, a red cup placed in her right, nail polished hand. Sylvia's flirtatious company was Ryan, a boy she met at camp last summer. He seemed nice, not nice enough to respect that Sylvia was taken, but nice enough to like. One of the girls in the pool, Miriam, my once-best-friend-now-not-as-much is now successfully shouting and hoarding for attention. It must not be hard for Miriam,with her perfect, thick brown, long locks and doll face, fancied with sparkling blue eyes and luscious lips.
She was angry at me, but why I will come to later. Sitting by the pool was Brady, Sylvia's boyfriend. He had always been shy and quiet, which made it so much more surprising that Sylvia had such eyes for him. Since first grade she was in love.
Along the bar behind the pool were big led lights, in shades of pink and blue. Next to the bar a tall oak tree under which couples seemed to find romance as they all went there to kiss. I walked towards Jen, who was standing by the bar, talking to her best friend Jonah.
I slowly slendered along the bar watching each person I pass as I suddenly feel a tap on my shoulder.
"May, Hey. What are you doing here?"
I slightly flinched. He wasn't the person I wanted to talk to at the moment. Or along the entire evening for a matter of fact. Why? Well my reason was in the corner of our eyes. Standing towards the side,alone. As my target I was happy that he seemed to be unhappy. He was best friends with this guy who decided to scare me the way he did.
"Well, Derek I would say I am here out of the same reasons as you." Lies.
"Hah. Fair. Well how are you anyways?"
"Good.", Lies.
"Well you seem to be a woman on some mission, determined." If he only knew.
He didn't deserve a strong reaction for his weird gimmicks and hand movements.
"Anyways.. I don't want to bother you May. So,I'll see you later?"
I hope not.
Derek was right, I did not want to be bothered. Not by anyone,and definietly not by him.
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath that slowly filled my lungs. I picked up the bow and started pulling its string. Exhale. I took an arrow and fixated it tightly. Inhale. Placed my fingers,perfectly and elegantly. Exhale. Eyes on the target. Inhale, Another step forward. I focus on my goal. Exhale. Shoot!
"Hey Luke."
He gave me a weird look.
"You.. you are good?"
I forced a chuckle.
"That is an interesting way to ask how I am doing, but yes thank you. How are you?"
"I am okay I guess." He glared down into his cup,to the left of me, to the sky. Anywhere but my face.
For such a confident, alpha being he was a very nervous, held back man in my presence. I knew what I had to do.
"Look" I grabbed his arm.

"You can look me in the eyes. Your secret is with me. We should probably still talk though, alone, without all of these people. Meet me at Hamilton street, at the corner at 1:30."
He shifted his head parallel to mine and looked me in the eyes with his green, shimmering iris. He nicked and gave me a half smile. Disgusted, I smiled back.


Chapter 2

Shades of pink and purple twirling in the clear blue sky. I watch the dance of colours as I stand in the short, dry grass. It was the midst of summer and I was wearing my favourite yellow dress, with a lace finish. My hair in a high ponytail, pulling on my scalp. I feel the breeze between my fingertips, like a thin cloth stroking my fingers. In front of me a path. A thin path of red, leading to my feet. My feet covered in this red liquid as well. I see the trees reflecting in this path.

A screech. A high neverending, annoying, headache bringing, disgusting screech. I look behind me. Little Miriam must have come over to play. I look down to my feet again and examine my little masterpiece of a dead cat. I looked back at Miriam and shook my head.

“It wasn’t me.”, I stretched out my hands and touched her shoulder, to which I left my bloody mark.

“You are insane May Corvet! You are absolutely crazy!”

She didn’t tell on me, but I did never talk to her again. And she clearly avoided me. That wasn’t my first dead animal. My thought process was this: If animals always have killed other animals, like lions are meat eaters, it is normal for grown ups to shoot deer and other animals, why am I not allowed to kill little animals as well? I have never seen myself as crazy, actually just more logical than the rest of the population my age.

I liked examining my victims guts, but my favourite part was the heart. Some animals hearts were so dark, it was shocking. And now I got to deal with a bigger animal. I guess he fucked with the wrong bitch.


Chapter 3

I sit on one of the wooden benches, anticipating the moment I get to touch his cold, blue skin. Pictures of his body flashing in my head. All the things I plan to do, I get so excited.

“What are you doing here all alone?”, Jen appeared in front of me.

“Just, relaxing.”

“You sound chill, did you smoke something?”

I chuckled.


“Well, I hope you can relax in my company as well.”

She sat down next to me.

I always liked Jen. Sometimes in my dreams I would do my killings with her. I wouldn’t be alone.

“You know, we haven’t been hanging out in a while. What’s been up in your life?”

“Not much. My parents are somewhere vacationing again…”, I hated my parents for always leaving on me. They weren’t ones to ever listen either, they only knew how to talk. Every month or so they take a vacation that will “fix all their problems”. And then they return with only more.

“Why don’t you stay at my house then? We always like having you over, May, and you know that.”

“Thank you, but I like being alone at home.” Lies.

At night I tend to think things I don’t like thinking about and I can’t control it. I get these urges to go on killing sprees. I get these itching patches that don’t leave until I hurt. In some form or another. I even get a satisfaction out of breaking somebody's heart. I didn’t feel okay until I broke up with my boyfriend. I loved him, but being together with him just wasn’t possible anymore.

“You are weird May, but cool.”

“Thanks.” I didn’t know if that was a compliment, or a backhanded compliment, either way, I had to agree. I looked down to my watch again to see it had just turned 1:00 am.

“I need to go Jen, I am sorry.”

“No Prob. Have a good night.. All alone.”

I smiled, until I turned away from her.

I had the map of the town in my head and pictured the red markings with each step I took. I had to reach the big, red X. I passed the big blue house on the end of the street, turned to the left as I went by the abandoned playground a bus once hit. 4 little girls died that day. I passed the creepy, old church that has a facade of a haunted house in some amusement park. Three more left turns and a kilometer straight ahead and I landed on the corner towards Hamilton street. Next to Hamilton was a large forrest, next to the forest a field infested with snakes and spiders. On hamilton street a small café, called “Caramel”.

Chapter 4

I was on time, he obviously early as he stood there looking around himself.

“Hey Luke.”

“Hey May.”

I stared at his face. He had a red scratch on his left cheek. On his nose some sort of creme.

“Here, you have something here.”, I took my thumb and smeared away the creme.

“Thanks.” I felt comfortable, not nervous whatsoever, but he was sweating on this cool fall evening.

I took his hand.

“I need to tell you something. Do you want to walk through the forest with me?”

“I don’t know.. It is the middle of the night.”

I gave him my best pouty face.


We entered the dark forest. He was quick to turn on a flashlight with his phone. Leaves were crunching beneath our feet. After a long walk in silence I suggested to sit down.

“Now that we are on this branch. We need to talk about what happened.”

“I am sorry, May. I am sorry.”, he let out a sob.

“Sh.. I know. I know. Look, you should have just asked me.”

“I was dared by some assholes. I was being stupid May I promise, you were never supposed to wake up so soon. I didn’t want you to know that anything ever happened.”

“I want to do it again Luke, I just need to be awake this time, okay?”

“What? Now? Aren’t you angry with me?”

“Just close your eyes Luke while I take my clothes off, okay?”

He was so naive. He was a like a little boy. Sitting there on the log, hands folded on his lap with a smile, thinking he gets a prize for being an idiot. I grabbed the pharm out of my bag and the cloth. It smelled strong, for a second I was afraid he would suspect.

“Keep your eyes closed until I say you can open, okay?”

I sat down onto his lap with my face towards his, kissed him and held the back of his head. With my left hand I slowly put the cloth onto his nose and mouth.

“May, what are you-”

It went faster than I expected. I was prepared for some sort of fight. I dragged him towards the old hut of the forest that my grandpa built before he died. I always dreamed of putting good use behind it. I chained his hands onto the wooden pole and duct taped his mouth closed. On the bottle it said he would be out for 30 minutes.

In the meantime, I turned up some of my favourite music and prepared all the utensils.

On the roughed up wooden table I displayed a hammer, a knife, pliers, scissors, and a beautiful saw.

I kneeled in front of his lump body and inspected my victim. He was quite beautiful, with his big eyes and long eyelashes. Subtle nose, and strong bone structures. Such a shame. I decided to cuddle myself up in my Jacket and read a book. A book about love, a perfect little family and a school full of stereotypes. I tapped my leg on the wooden floor, I liked the sound it made, to the beat of the quiet song I was playing.

Chapter 5

A quiet grunt came from my left. I decided to ignore him at first, but then my interest grew. I went closer towards his body, his grunt grew louder and his eyes shot open. The grunt grew into a shaking and fight to stand up.

“Shshsh, listen, it won’t help shit. You are chained to this pole. We are in the middle of the woods no one dares to go to at this hour and your pathetic grunts could sound like a pig for all they know.”

I enjoyed the way I could talk him down. Like myself a couple nights back, he had no idea what was going to happen to him.

“Just so you know, I am going to hurt you. How bad it will hurt is in your hands. I will ask you a couple of questions, and if you decide to answer calmly, I will not hurt you as bad as if you start yelling. Got it?”

I enjoyed the power that was put in my hands.

He shook his head.

“What a shame.”

I went to the wooden table behind me and picked up the pair of pliers.

“Now lets see your beautiful feet.”

I pulled off his designer trainers that made me want to puke and his adidas socks. I tightened the pliers onto one of his toenails and started pulling.

It was an ugly sight, for his nail was a bit ingrown and was pulling away a lot of skin. There his grunting was again.

“Shut the fuck up!”

After three nails I decided to spare the pliers from more blood. Now his pathetic sobs came into play.

“Are you ready to talk?”

He agreed right away.

“Good piggy.”, i giggled.

I pulled off the duct tape, and got a bit of skin at the spot where he had the red mark from earlier that day. His breath was heavy and his eyes were wide and glossy.

“I don’t want to know what exactly you did to me as I was out. Since I am the one torturing you, not the other way around. But what I wonder is, how did you feel after you did it.”

“I..”, his voice was shaky. “I felt bad.”

“Is that all you got? Is that all you have to say? Well, you know what? I don’t fucking believe you.”

The power made me feel strong again. I was in control over something in my life.

“I did! I was not feeling okay!”

“Sh! Did I say you can scream.”, I had to laugh.

I grabbed the saw, duct his mouth closed again and started thinking. Where would I want to see cuts on his sweet body? I woke up with bruises on my arm and neck.

“I know!”

I went towards his neck and started rubbing the saw against his fragile skin. He fought intensely, moving his head as far away as he could.

“Stop that, it only makes things worse. Now that is better.”

I took a step back to admire the bleeding, dark blue cut I had made. He closed his eyes and kept quiet. I slapped his face.

“Did I say I was done yet?”

I grabbed the knife and started tracing his belly. No response.

“Fuck it.”


Chapter 6

It was pitch black outside the hut, all that kept me from blindsight was the little flashlight I had placed in the middle of the room.

How did I feel? I couldn’t tell. All I could do was stare Lukes body down. I touched his arm. His temperature was cool.

I closed my eyes and went deep inside me.

A summer storm, rain and lightning, but it was warm. I am swimming in a tornado of dirt and shit. But I see a light in the distance. I collect all my strength to reach the ground again and walk towards the light. The light comes from a house, labeled with the word “Death”. Will I feel good again?

I open the door and no, now I see again. I truly see what has to be done. I did wrong until now. A life wasted in a failed project. I open my eyes and grab the knife placed on the table.

Inhale. Grip the knife tightly. Exhale. Raise my arm. Inhale. Close my eyes. Exhale. Stab!

I fall to the ground. I never thought I would be able to stab myself. I always though some force would stop me. I am not done yet.

I pull the knife that was stuck at my chest down towards my guts.
I could feel myself getting weak.

“I can’t leave yet.”

Vastly I stuck my arm into my bodice and searched for my heart. I could feel something beating. I followed the beat. I grabbed my heart and looked down. It was black, black like ink. Black and shaped weirdly. Shaped with so many edges.


Chapter 7

 I was free. I was in a field, filled with rabbits. I felt clean, I felt fresh. My black hair freed from all the bugs, now waying in the wind.

I felt beautiful. I felt tall. I can laugh, I can Sing, I can dance. But I know I will soon leave again. Soon it will all be over.


© Copyright 2020 AubreyWrites. All rights reserved.

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