Closed Doors

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When the doors close.

Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



Closed Doors


How do I begin?

To speak of the doors that have closed,

Once thought to be opened,

But were locked all along.


They tell us to make our own way,

But they become afraid when we do.

When we choose not what they thought we ought to do.

Making the choice that we choose.


How do I explain?

No money, no fortune, no fame, no way.

Yet a path is revealed,

Often not what we would choose.


For the closed door is direction,

But not in the obvious way.

We become frustrated,

If the choice is not our preferred way.


Many doors have closed,

For this I am thankful;

Because there is a difference,

Dividing us from our wants and what we need.


Often we get what we need,

Saved from the destruction of our wants,

By chance or merely a closed door,

That does not open no matter how much we scream.


Some say there is a window,

I say that they are thieves,

Who try to steal what was never theirs,

Because they do not have the keys.


A door will open,

For the one who holds its key.

If it does not open,

Then it is not yours.


So do not get stuck on the closed door.

But walk through the one that is open.

Enjoy the journey, even when it is long.

For we are all walking home.

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