A Nightmare

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Getting ready from slumber

Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



He shuffled under her bedsheets, grabbing his right leg with both of his hands in desperate attempts on removing it from something with a contorted face that showed his grotesque struggles and pain within the dream. Sweat formed on his being with every passing second, sharp warm gushes of helpless breath coming out in a grueling manner, he howled and shifted under her wraps again.

“Julie,” he yelled out and latched onto the air at the foot of the bed with a powerful flight that practically flung him out of the bed, sheets still wrapped around his mid-section. Half out of the bed with an arm stretched out to the blunt ragged carpet beneath, he eyed the space containing him suspiciously with heavy breaths and perplexed pupils that seemed to be searching for something to help him in making sense of where he was. He closed his eyes trying to relax his distraught being, heaving audibly as he calmed his breath and sat on her bed supporting himself on his elbows. On unveiling his sight, he was greeted by her vivid images everywhere in that cramped room. It took a toll on his mind, he had just witnessed her jump out from the window and now there she was, standing and touching everything with a smile that alluded her ownership on it. Gritting his teeth and cramping the covers under his palm he mentally repeated “you’re not real, no one is here but me.” It didn’t seem to work on her as a number of her images grazed his sweaty body with a touch that paralyzed him with failure.

“You were never there for me,” one of the images whispered in a ghostly manner

“I needed you, desperately.” another one hissed and those haunting images continued reminding him of the failure he was, of him leaving her behind in those bewitched and malicious minds.

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