A Nightmare

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Chapter 2 (v.2) - Fluoxetine

Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



He plugged his ears with his palms, his cynical eyes started trembling under the pressure as he let out an ear-splitting shriek. He was getting thirsty, with his head and throat being dry as The Saharan dessert he tried forming saliva but to no avail. The inside of his mouth felt like dried out flesh yet all he could conjure up was the thought of getting to the refrigerator and drink till he can drink no more.

Mustering up all his broken strength he got up from her bed and saw the ghosts of her vanish into dust. With a weak giggle he rushed to open the door finding the treasure he was so desperate for, a compartment full of water bottles. Giving out a maddening laugh he lashed out on the first bottle his hand could find. Breaking the cap, he chugged it down and chocked on the intense saline water, burning through his esophagus down to the pit of his stomach. Hurling the saline bottle away he grabbed his burning throat trying to cough away his innards. In a fit of rage, he leapt to the refrigerator once again, thinking that it must’ve been a mistake, hoping that he’ll find water in his second attempt.

He tore open the cap of another bottle and in a sudden jerk settled his lips on the neck of the bottle, but with every gulp his intensities shriveled demanding more and more, but how much of salinity can you take? Throwing away his fifth bottle he put a hand on his mouth to keep everything inside and with the other one, tried to ease the churning in his stomach but it was just a dry heave.

“No more,” he stumbled on his words with a dry throat and got up on his knees making way to the chest of drawers beside her bed. He searched every single on of them for Fluoxetine capsules.

“She needs to go,” his mind screamed as his eyes surveyed the drawers for but was at a loss. Her sudden giggle made him snap as he eyed her on the other side of the bed. She was kneeling down on the chest, she placed her head on the second drawer from the top and whispered “come.” His face was flushed, he hurled the nearby plastic bottle on her reflection with an arm-breaking speed.

“Out,” he yelled and hurled yet another bottle onto her reflection that just smiled and shook her head in dismay, “failure, you are.” leaving the room with an uncanny laughter for him to struggle with but not before tapping the drawer once again, signaling him the location of his medication. He gritted his teeth, knowing that she wouldn’t lie to him, he crawled over the bed to the other side, jerked open the drawer until its hinges crackled against the force and withdrew the bottle. Clearing his throat he settled down, wiped the sweat from his forehead and temples and crooked the cap. He started rattling the bottle on his empty hand but nothing came out. “Huh?” he eyed the bottle in disbelief, ventured into the darkness of the container and again rattled the bottle in anguish and out came a couple of blue capsules.

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