Sin (18+)

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Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



I've been caged,
And I was set free.
But my cage is...
Tempting me.

It's filled with girls,
Pretty girls in nudity.
They lick and kiss their lips,
Taunting my virginity.

I've been a slave in their hands,
The hands of filthy decay,
I've often joined them,
Used and raped day by day.

Jesus entered my life,
And I had to say my goodbyes,
To the ball of lustful death,
Calling to me with lies.

In Jesus I am free,
From that pit of slavery,
But sometimes they win,
As I fall back into the sin.

But after I've come,
I cry and run.
Realizing my mistake,
I plead for my soul's sake:

"I'm sorry, Jesus, I'm sorry.
I've been defeated by a temptress.
I love you so much, Father,
Please grant me your forgiveness."

He reads my heart and knows how it pains me,
And takes away my fears.
As His love refills my heart,
The cry turns into happy tears.

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